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  1. thanks for the great suggestions, I might end of sewing them, since I am running out of time. I saw those crocheted patterns and thought they would work...but I can't order them and get them in time for this halloween....maybe I can use the idea tho.
  2. My five year old is being a witch for halloween and I want to make some fobs to go over her shoes to look like witches shoes. She informs me they are pointed and have a curly end, lol. Anyone have any ideas???? thanks
  3. How cute is that???? He is adorable!! Good job!
  4. I was so surprised when I saw this link, and the line about my turtle potholder pattern...I had almost forgotten about the calendar. My dog bone pattern is on the page too. You could blow me over with a feather right now!!! For those who haven't had a peek: http://www.maggiescrochet.com/updates/update_page_Oct_25.htm Congrats to all you fellow designers! Can't wait to get the calendar now!!
  5. HI everyone! The response for this pattern has been overwhelming! I am currently setting up a site to sell the pattern privately until it is published later this fall. I will let everyone know the site as soon as it is up and running. Thanks to everyone again for all their interest. Andrea
  6. That is lovely! What a great way to display it.
  7. That is just lovely! You did a wonderful job. Did you design it yourself? Or is there a pattern?
  8. I accidentally erased most of my pm's, and I told someone I would send them my lady bug purse pattern magazine...if it was you could you please pm me. I am still looking for the person...are you out there??
  9. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!! About your camera...is it on the auto setting? Can you adjust your white balance? Those two things make my photos come out blue.
  10. You are just so clever!! They are all lovely! I haven't seen the happy faces before; how cute!! Great job, as always, Heather.
  11. Wow! I love it! Great job! And cute model too:cheer
  12. You did a wonderful job! It turned out perfectly! That is definitely on my "to do" list. Great job!!
  13. I am looking for a pattern like this: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=26769 Or if anyone has the Leisure Art Year of Afghan Book 3 it is in, and wants to trade please let me know.
  15. Just so you know...you can use anyone's membership card. So if you have a friend with one...or you want to share one with someone. You just have to have the card with you...I used to work there.
  16. I had forgotten about Fabricland. I got some bamboo handles there several months ago, during one of their weekend sales for half price. I hadn't noticed any other styles then, but might check it out. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. Thanks, actually it is for Megan...that is funny that the pattern is called that too.
  18. We are going to a wedding this weekend, and the temp is going to be cool. So I am hoping to whip together a lacy pink bolero to go with my 5 year olds outfit. Does anyone know of a pretty, lacy and super easy pattern??? Thanks in advance!
  19. That is very nice! Good job! I haven't seen one just like that before.
  20. Thank you, that is so nice of you to say. My mom always tells me "it's nice, but what the heck are you going to do with all that stuff??" Well, luckily I have kids, and they have friends, etc. So I will always have someone willing to take the items. So I will continue amking them...lol.
  21. That is so pretty. I am definitely going to have to buy one of her baby afghan books.
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