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  1. The newest addition to my line of potholders can be viewed in my etsy.com store. It is much smaller than the dog bone mat, and is made with only two strands of cotton. It sure works up quickly too! I have more pics to add soon.
  2. I just saw your mat. It is cute. I have a dog bone potholder pattern that I designed here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5819339 I found working with cotton to be really different from four plys of acrylic, lol. So I adjusted the mat pattern to better accomodate it. Oh, and thanks for the plug, I appreciate it.
  3. Welcome! My husband was just out in Troy last week. Do you live close to there??
  4. I seriously thought the same thing...hmmm, maybe I should mention that on my shop. Thanks!! You know what they say about great minds! LOL
  5. Excellent job, Maria. I had trouble finding brown cotton too. I like the way the taupe looks.
  6. I just listed my newest design today here.
  7. Thanks everyone. There are charts, but the knitting part is tricky to work out. Also there is a lot of writing..wonder what it means. I don't know how I would be able to use a translater since I can't type the words....I don't think there is a font for that. The pics are wonderful, oh well, I think I will work it out eventually. The Japanese books have the most beautiful designs.
  8. Ok, so it seemed like a great idea at the time. I bought a Japanese pattern book with lots of great patterns in it. Did I mention it is all in Japanese????? Anyone out there speak Japanese???
  9. Oooops, that was my fault. I had linked it to the pattern directly, and although I relisted them, the old link was still there. I am new at this, tee hee, but now I have linked it to my shop, so that should keep working.
  10. Well, that is odd. I will look into that for you.
  11. The pattern has been very popular!! I have relisted it, so anyone who is interested can have a look. I am desiging something new to add to my shop as we speak.
  12. I have just listed my turtle pattern here. I think I will be adding to this collection with more patterns soon.
  13. Thank you Donna. I am sorry you didn't receive your calendar. I only got mine a few weeks ago. I would love to see some pics of your mats. what designs did you submit?
  14. I was just editing it, so it might not have been available. Sorry
  15. Well, it took me long enough. But I finally got my patterns listed here on etsy.com. It is in the 2007 Crochet A Day Calendar, but I am also selling the individual pattern. This is my very first attempt at selling anything on line, so any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  16. I have a published pattern for a dogbone mat that I am also selling on my etsy.com site. Here is a picture of it, if you are interested in buying it please im me. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/crochetdiva/etsy/dogbonemat-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v321/crochetdiva/etsy/dogbone1-1.jpg
  17. I love this magazine! I only just got the dec issue, so will have to look for the new one!
  18. I have a cazillion crochet magazines....and I have only ever made a handful of items from them. I love to buy them...and peruse them and then put them away. I just wondered how many people actually make anything from their magazines.
  19. AWESOME!!!Thank you so much!!!!
  20. I am looking for a pattern for a blanket (white in the pic) that is made with front post dc and looks kind of like a cable pattern. It is made in one piece and has rows of squares. Someone used it to make a blue blanket here recently. I hope that is clear enough. I know the pattern is free, but I can't find it. I appreciate any help I can get!!
  21. I find this works best too, as you don't have to sew in so many ends....and Carla, I DO work with you...I recognized your scarf...and ladies it is GORGEOUS!!!
  22. Carla...do I work with you???? If so, we crochet and knit at work?? Gotta love that!!! Is the world just getting smaller or what?? LOL Welcome to crochetville!
  23. You did a tremendous job!!! I LOVE IT!!
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