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    I enjoy many forms of needle work, prefer to piece my quilts by hand, I love the look of vintage linens and fabrics, I have been crocheting most of my life, I am teaching myself to knit its a slow process and one of these days I will enroll in a class. When I am not crocheting I maintain a love/hate relationship with a small garden, I enjoy the gym, walking nature trails, and the beach.
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    Central Florida
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    varied, reading, gym, needle art, pottery
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    self employed
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    whatever I am working on at the time.
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    most of my life
  1. I have stumbled on Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn, its quite soft and I was quite surprised how well it handles. Patons sock yarn and wool, and the Lace (without the sequins). I also like Debbie Stoller's stitch nation yarns, especially the bamboo.
  2. Wow great bag, I too recall those wonderful NJ days, the last blast of summer down the shore, the cooler weather settling in and going back to school and apple picking at Delicious Orchards.
  3. Lovely shawl, beautiful color and great stitching.
  4. To me it is saying you will be working with sc stitches and increasing the neckline. for the next 4 rows if you are still using sc it appears you will be increasing 1 stitch in each of the 4 rows while working a sc stitch. I have never seen the term At the Same Time either. I read through several times
  5. Hi Franky and a big warm welcome to you from Sunny Central Florida. Are you teaching yourself to crochet or taking a class? I have crocheted for most of my life and now I am taking a class to learn to Knit and let me see this I like the knitting but love to crochet.
  6. Hi, I am Deb new to the site, I currently live in north Central Florida. I have been crocheting most of my life and still pick up a hook or two when I can. I have come a long way since those self taught early years when everything I made was fashioned out of a square or rectangle, than in 1980 I was pregnant, restricted to bed and found a pattern for a round pajama bag pillow that you stick a half doll face in the center. I stayed up all night ripping out endless rounds of crochet until I had it. You can guess how thrilled I was there was no turning back and no pattern I couldn't master after that first time, oh and that year every one under 12 in my family received a PaJama bag. Its nice to be here with all of you.
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