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  1. I am desperatly trying to find abcentral barbie patterns, I have a niece who will be 3 and I think the clothes from abcentral are the easyest for little ones to get on and off, does anyone have any of the free patterns from there they could email me? I tried the site but it is no longer
  2. That is so cool, are you near Kincardine then?
  3. Lol, well I guess two freaks are better than one! I didn't think I crocheted slow until I watched the videos of people doing it normally!
  4. Okay, I'm right handed and I crochet by holding my hook with my right hand but I also wrap my yarn around my hook with my right hand like I do for knitting, is there anyone esle that does this?? I'm really trying to learn to crochet holding my yarn with my left hand but it is so hard to learn a new way! I wonder if it's because I was taught by my mom who is left handed. I really hope I am not the only one!
  5. I crochet totally with my right hand, I use my right to wrap the yarn and to control the hook, I can"t do it holding the yarn with my left hand! Anyone else do this?
  6. spiritseer

    help videos?

    I found on here before a link to crochet help that was done by a man in a suit vest and tie, does anyone know what the name of the videos are, they where very helpful and I would love to get help from them again.
  7. I just wanted to let you know that row 7 for the white blouse has a type o in it, near the end it says hdc in 9, it should be hdc in 11, confused me at first then i just looked at the beginning and figured it out.
  8. I'm just wondering if two rows of single crochet is the same as one row of double crochet? I like the looks of the single better so would prefer to use it.
  9. Thank you so much for your answer, I just have one more quick question, I'm assuming that at the end of every row you chain some for the first stitch?
  10. I really love all your patterns! I am just starting to crochet again after years of not doing so I'm a little rusty, can you please tell me, with the first hat do I join at the end of the first row? Or just work side to side? Thanks you so much
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