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    I love to crochet! I write patterns and have gotten a couple accepted for publishing. Now, my passion is to help other work at home moms, like me, make crochet work for them! I have two children who keep me busy and happily grounded.
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    Lancaster, MA
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    Crochet, Marketing, Small Business Development
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    Marketing Specialist
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    Women & Children's clothing & accessories
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    since 2002
  1. Hi there! Just a quick question Has anyone here gotten paid to test a pattern? If so, what were the terms? If not, why not? Thanks!
  2. Hello all! I'm Sedie and I have a blog called Yarn Obsession which focuses on the business of crochet. The idea is that as we start our crochet businesses we tend to have a lot of questions that we either scramble to find the answers to or we just jump in and look later. At Yarn Obsession there's a free ebook on 5 Steps to Successfully Start a Crochet Business as well as tutorial videos, and information for the fledgling crochet business owner. I hope you come say hi when you get the chance. oh, I'm also working on a book to be release in about a week and a half on how to price your
  3. YAY Rose!!! I'm so happy I could inspire you to this project! Have fun with it, cause it's a great cause. Just keep that smiling face in your mind and go for it!!
  4. Hi Oliveoil, That's exactly what I was thinking when I decided to design this one. I didn't want to get bored and I wanted the recipients to have variety! It was such fun creating the pattern and working it up!
  5. The 2012 Special Olympics Scarf Project, sponsored by Red Heart yarn co., is underway and I designed this scarf specifically for this project. Go to the Special Olympics Scarf Project website to find out more, and to see where in your state you can send a completed scarf or two or twenty! Chain Loop Special Olympics Scarf Pattern Instructions Chain 22 with Color A Row 1: DC in 3rd ch from hook, DC across, 20 sts, turn Row 2: CH 1, 1 SC in front loop of first DC, *8 CH, 1 SC in front loop of next DC, repeat from *, ending by changing to color B with SC in front loop
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