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  1. I would love to test your darling squirrel pattern. Thanks. -Stine
  2. I bought a copy and am not thrilled at all. Many of the patterns are spread out over several days. Many of the patterns look like others. I'm sure they are a "bit" different but not much! I wish I had been able to peruse it before hand, I wouldn't have purchased it at all. I'd rather have spent the money on some nice yarn. -Stine
  3. Your dragon looks to be made of crochet cotton. When I've made things that need stiffening, I've used white elmer's glue. I would suggest crocheting each spike, then laying it on aluminum foil or plastic wrap and soaking each spike with white glue and press the spike out with your fingers to get it into the shape you need. Let it dry then attach it to your dragon. It really does work a treat. Keep in mind that a dragon's spikes will no all stand up perfectly straight. So you may want to make some with a bit of tilt or bend for character. Hope this helps. -Stine
  4. here is my version of the pawsome. I used some fuzzy yarn that is pretty much the color of real possums. I'm really pleased with him.
  5. The possum pattern is for sale at Etsy:cheer http://www.etsy.com/search_results.php?search=crochet+opossum+pattern&location=both here is the link. Its only $3 for the pattern. -Stine
  6. I did a search and found this site for crochet yo-yos and for joining them together. Maybe it will be helpful. http://members.aol.com/crochetalong/yoyoghans.html -Stine
  7. what about making up a little kit for each girl to make her own anklet or bracelet. The kit can go in your goodie bag. -Stine
  8. OK, where can I get this pattern!!?? !!!!! I need this pattern. That is the cutest little critter I've seen in a long time:lol I hate to whine, but I will if I have to:yes . . . . . Pleeeeeeease! Stine
  9. OOooOOoo - Me please. I would love to test your possom (possum?, pawsome?) He/she is adorable:yes . Please include me in the testers. -Waiting on tenterhooks, with baited breath (& turning blue) Chris
  10. I would love to test your cutely little Lily, please (jumping up and down, waving hand rambunctiously!!! ) -Stine (stine4115@yahoo.com)
  11. Thanks so much for your Troll girlie. I love her hair! How fun to have a girl & a boy!! -Stine
  12. No, I don't have an answer, I'm asking. Kristie, your troll is great!! I can hardly wait to make one. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!! -Stine
  13. Stine


    Your set turned out really well. I love the hook! FUn stuff! -Stine
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