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  1. Could you estimate how long this took to make? It sure is a lovely work of art!
  2. Thanks for asking about the pattern. I guess it wasn't all that clear; sorry about that. Here's some additional info; please let me know if this helps: What I did was to DC, SC all the way across on that first row, then do the same thing except use the opposite stitches on the next row. That means you just make sure that each DC from the row before now has a SC going into it. The same with the SC's from the row before; make sure a DC is now going into them. Also, be sure that when you turn to start the next row, do either 2 chains if you are going to do a DC next or 1 chain if you are going to do a SC next. Be sure to use the Back Loop for each stitch as stated earlier.
  3. Michael's carries this color, but beware, some of it is washed out looking. Go for the vibrant skeins!
  4. I have made quite a few dishcloths as they work up fast and are very portable. After trial and error, I have come up with a pattern that I like. It has adequate stretchiness, not too holey, and is thin enough to dry pretty fast. Here my quick pattern: Chain about 28, then DC, SC all across each row, BUT put each stitch in the back loop only (or I guess the front loop only would work too). I then SC all around to finish it off nicely. The size depends on how big you like your squares. Mine are 8.5 inches. This dishcloth below was made with less than one skein of Sugar 'n Cream, Psychedelic color.
  5. Right after I posted that, I realized that was a bit harsh, S'nC is pretty decent yarn. I just meant that I tend to gravitate towards the most 'economical' choices and that can be a big mistake. I'll have to go over to their website and check out their other offerings.
  6. Yes, and I can't wait to see what it will look like after I wash it. Not trying to put down this yarn as it has its place (dishcloths and little items), but I have learned my lesson....don't skimp on yarn for clothing. I'll wear the top on Easter though and only my armpits will know I used cheapo yarn.
  7. I finished! It turned out 'okay'. I won't do this type of sleeve again though. Too much bulk in the armpit area for me (I have smallish arms). I do love the way the bodice turned out though, fits me just right. Anyway, I adjusted the upper sleeve a bit by making it not so wide and added some rows. I then ended up attaching the straight top of the sleeve to the vertical part of the L and the little horizontal part to the sleeve length. It worked out, except there is just too much yarn there. If I had used a better yarn, maybe it would be fine, but Lily Sugar 'n Cream is too bulky for this kind of sleeve. (I put a little lace in the top area to help with the look of the pic.) Even with its flaws, I might even wear it on Easter. Let me know what you think!
  8. Yes, I got the shoulder seams together last night and one side seam. That leaves an opening now for the sleeve and looks somewhat like a circle (with the bottom area straight across). I seriously didn't see how I would get the sleeves I made to fit into that opening. I am considering redoing them at this point into something more like a true set-in sleeve look.
  9. Yes, I have seen her patterns. Our library has quite a few decent crochet books. I'll have to take a couple out again now that I know what I'm looking for. As for Crochet Today, I just started a subscription a few months ago. Clear and straightforward patterns with schematics!
  10. Oh sorry, I had stopped looking at the Ravelry posts for some reason. And yes, why do all the books just say "Set in the sleeves"? Gee, thanks, but that's just not enough for us visual learners. :-)
  11. Oh wow, that page is great! Thanks for sending. What I thought I understood...well, I had it wrong, but the now I get it! My confusion must have come from all my years of sewing blouses with regular set in sleeves. One thing for certain, I am going to finish this top. Even thought I may not wear it much (really the wrong color for me), I will learn from it. That's always good. :-)
  12. Thanks, yes, that is what I finally have realized. What would happen to that lower part of the L if I didn't ease the sleeve into it....that's what I finally asked myself. I understand now. I think this pattern (and yup, it's a Lion Brand Yarn pattern so it's a been tested) is just made this way to be 'easier' for beginners so there are less decrease/increase kinds of stitches, which really aren't that hard especially when compared to knitting (all that leaning to the left or right kinda makes my head spin). Anyway, I think I have it now. And thanks for all the help.
  13. Thank you for your imput, but I am wondering about the L shape of the arm holes lining up with the staight edge of the sleeve's top. I might try it both ways and just take out what doesn't work.
  14. I’ve only made vests before, thus avoiding the sleeves, but now I am just about done with a simple pattern for a top. As you can see from the picture, the sleeve’s top part is straight across (not rounded) and the body has a right angle to it like an “L”. My question is do I connect that entire L and the whole length of the top of the sleeve? The reason I ask is that the sleeve top measures exactly what the vertical part of the L measures. If I put the whole sleeve top over the whole length of the L, then I would have to stretch it to fit. Maybe that’s what you are supposed to do? (the pattern just says to set in the sleeves) Thanks for any help with this!
  15. Totally cool! It must make you happy just to look at it.
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