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    Take care of my parents who are in their mid 80s. I'm a mom, grandma, great-grandma, sister, daughte
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    Waco, Texas
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    crocheting, sewing, embroidery
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    retired sp. ed. teacher
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    Anything, I like to crochet.
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    since 1957
  1. Well, I've been crocheting since 1958. I can follow almost any pattern, I can design, write, execute my own patterns/ideas. I have taught crochet to as many as 10 ladies at a time for several years & even taught children. I have crocheted anything that remotely resembles string or fabric strips. I have a bIIIIIIIg stash of hooks & of course I have a stash of yarns also (not so lg. anymore). I guess I'm advanced but I too am always learning new ways of doing things & guess I will be for the rest of my life
  2. I have 1 who is about 18 mo. old. She is a mess but doesn't seem real intereted in yarn. Once in awhile when I'm working she'll bat at it but loses interest after a short time. I think she's A.D.H.D. I love her anyway. She is a beautiful black & white longhair. She is a princess & everyone around her must pay attn. to her.
  3. Thanks for that link Nilliem, I too have a locker-hook but did not know how to use it.
  4. I use little pieces of cc yarn as st markers. If the pattern is rather fancy, I place one every row Just before starting a new row. If the patern is fairly plain (sc al rnd for instance. I place one every 5 rows. I will even do this on a flat piece such as an afghan that has lots & lots of rows. Really helps with counting rows either on flat or rnd. pieces.
  5. I think dishcloths is a good category. If they are all the same size & you didn't need or know anyone who needed that many, they could always be used as afghan squares. Just a thought but why not.
  6. I don't know if I've posted in this thread before but I have been crocheting since 1958 & a newlywed. I practiced with my little brother's kite string. I got pregnant soon after that & started making baby sets in greens, whites, yellows, blues & pinks. My baby was an adorable daughter. We not only didn't have ultrasounds & such but had to boil (sterilize) our baby bottles & formula. Since my husband was USAF, we were stationed in England. No running hot water either. Soak diapers, wash them on a rub-board in the kitchen sink, then boil them 15 min. in pure soap flakes ( I used a galvanized pail). Rinse untill water was clear about 4 or 5 sinksfull of water. Then wring (by hand) & hang on the line. Had lines across my living room for winter drying. It was all just part of "bringin' up baby". Also sewed clothes & knitted for my kids as they were growing up. Can you tell I'm proud Mom? Grandma & great-grandma too.
  7. I don't like to whipstitch either. I've been known to start chaining & just pick up a stitch from each of 2 sq. Make sure that you pick up at the corners & in the middle (of the sides) on each sq. This gives a kind of zig-zag in-between sq. It really goes quickly & is a pretty openwork joining. Then all you have to do is sc a couple of rows around the whole thing, or do whatever edging you like.
  8. I aquire them in all the ways mentioned but think most nowadays are downloaded free patterns. I also have a set of Happy Hands (magazines in red binders). There are sewing, knitting, lace making etc. patterns in them. These are vintage ("70s ) patterns but a lot of them are treasures when worked in todays colors/yarns. There are a lot of clothing items as well as household items. Can you tell I love them? They were givrn to me by a very dear friend in L.V. She is still my very best friend in the whole world
  9. Have you published this pattern. If so, where? I would love to purchase it. That is really beautiful & would go great in my Victorian Parlor.
  10. I got mine off e-bay last yr. for about $14.00 plus shipping. It was supposed to be very old or at least very vintage & was in it's original box etc. I use it & love it. If it is from the fifties, it was never used. I just couldn't set it on a shelf & look at it. I mean what are yarn winders for if not to use, huh.
  11. Beautiful! I love both the color & the pattern. Most of my family/friends has more afghans than they can use & the rest don't like them.
  12. Hi Yolanda. You don't say where in Idaho you are. I know of several crocheters in Boise. I now live in Texas (taking care of my folks) but still hear from my crochet buddies up there. I taught knitting/ crocheting through the Community Education program. Anyway if you're in Boise, e-mail me & I will give you the name of a crochet group there.
  13. You can charge anything you like. Whether or not you get it is another thing. I suppose if you know the right people etc. I love to make beautiful baby clothes, sewn, knitted, crocheted & everything beaded but never asked anything close to those prices. I think the most I ever got for a christening layette was $250.00. That was sewn & beaded & included dress (long & full), bonnet, blanket, shoes & sock tops.
  14. That is single crochet st. Please forgive me as I'm not trying to put you down in any way but am trying to point out that you don't see knitting in crochet. It is all crocheting & is called that. Knitting is done on 2 or more needles & is different from crochet. I know it's just words but they do need to be the right ones. Keep practicing, you'll learn your st. Crocheting is a wonderful hobby. Good luck !
  15. I know the st. pattern you are referring to. It is one of my faves. I have made sweaters, purses, totes, ghans, scarves etc, etc, etc, using it. Very versatile. is this sweater done with a zipper or buttons. Couldn't tell from the photo. Anyway, you did a great job. It is really cute.
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