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    Take care of my parents who are in their mid 80s. I'm a mom, grandma, great-grandma, sister, daughte
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    Waco, Texas
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    crocheting, sewing, embroidery
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    retired sp. ed. teacher
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    Anything, I like to crochet.
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    since 1957
  1. Well, I've been crocheting since 1958. I can follow almost any pattern, I can design, write, execute my own patterns/ideas. I have taught crochet to as many as 10 ladies at a time for several years & even taught children. I have crocheted anything that remotely resembles string or fabric strips. I have a bIIIIIIIg stash of hooks & of course I have a stash of yarns also (not so lg. anymore). I guess I'm advanced but I too am always learning new ways of doing things & guess I will be for the rest of my life
  2. I use little pieces of cc yarn as st markers. If the pattern is rather fancy, I place one every row Just before starting a new row. If the patern is fairly plain (sc al rnd for instance. I place one every 5 rows. I will even do this on a flat piece such as an afghan that has lots & lots of rows. Really helps with counting rows either on flat or rnd. pieces.
  3. I am a definite rightie. So was my husband & both our daughters. Our son however can use either hand to do anything & won't be uncomfortable doing it. He is 45 now & still does it. My sister is a leftie but she paints. No needlework of any kind, can't even sew on a button correctly.
  4. I've made them out of all kinds of things. Fabric strips are strongest & if you want certain colors, You'll have to purchase the fabric. If you don't care. use anything cotton. Dark colors are best. You can also purchase rug yarn. It's easy to work with, comes in all kinds of colors & is cotton. You can use any lg. hook with it from J on up to Q. If you use Q though, you'd probably want to use 2 strands for density. Rug yarn also makes beautifull "floor doilies". Thes are made with reg. doily patterns but using lg. hooks & yarns. They're really nice next to a bed or even in the b
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