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  1. I'm lost. I don't remember which list I was on, can't find myself to update.
  2. Lisaizme

    recent projects

    It's red heart Light & Lofty in Wine and Puff. It's incredibly cozy and light. I sleep under it almost every night. Thanks for all the kind compliments everyone.
  3. made something similar once for a teaching aide. mailed it off to a women's gyn health educator in Australia. Need to make her some more (plus some other bits n pieces). good job.
  4. Lisaizme

    recent projects

    Some recent projects. Lots more details on my blog.. direct link: http://lisaizme.blogspot.com/2010/02/finally-update.html
  5. Lisaizme


    I'm not a teen, but do love FF and love ur Chocobo.
  6. You can also open the pdf's in the latest version of Foxit (3.1.something), a much smaller and faster pdf reader. ::there is a free and a paid version.. all you need is the free:: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/reader-interstitial.html At first, all you will see is the disclaimer, but if you look on the lower left side, you'll see a paper clip. Click the paper clip and it will bring up the list of patterns. Click whichever you want to see.. and there you are. I really don't like Adobe..it's a huge piece of software and Foxit does the same job and much faster. It does take a little getting used to.. but the learning curve is very small.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had 2 skeins of Red Heart Fiesta in the color Coffee (preferably the same dye lot) that they would be willing to sell, swap or trade for? I could order from a company, but since I only need two skeins, thought I'd ask first. I have three skeins of variegated red heart 1 bay print and 2 painted desert (same dyelot) that I'd be willing to trade.. and I have many other common yarns. If there is something else that you would want in trade for the fiesta, ask. I might have it. What I'm thinking is that if someone is willing to swap, we'd both just pay our postage. If someone has some to sell, of course I'd pay the postage. Thanks for any and all responses.
  8. This whole discussion reminds me of a cute saying I once saw: Copywrong.. all rights reversed. Have a good one all.
  9. I remembered.. the place I've bought Russian magazines from was http://www.taigayarns.com They seem to be reworking their site.. so maybe email or call them if you don't find magazines on their pages.
  10. Has anyone attempted the felted "dress it up - Pretty Pansy Bag" in the sept. issue of Crochet! ? Im having some difficulty when it comes to joining the front and back to the insert. Since the front has 20 rows and the back has 30.. before starting the flap.. it doesnt want to match up just right. Im wondering if there's a typo?? I've checked the website for the magazine and there isn't any information posted about corrections.. at least not yet. I'll keep on plugging at it, but thought I'd ask if anyone had any experience at this pattern. Thanks,
  11. Angie, Will your sister let you go to the doctor with her? Right now, she's probably still feeling shocked by the diagnosis and just wants to pretend its not happening to her. I remember wanting to run away from my cancer before my surgery. Unfortunately it would just tag along with me. If you could go to the doctor with her, maybe you could get more information out of him. I took my daughter with me and my husband when he could get off work. I was fortunate though, my doctor was very open to questions. Your sister is entitled to copies of her pathology report(s) and my doctor also gave me copies of the surgical report. If she is willing to let you be involved.. ya'll should get those and keep them for future reference. Fran Drescher was on Oprah today talking about her experience with uterine cancer.. she is now an 8.5 year survivor (but I dont know what her stage was when she was dx'd) You should be able to find the interview here: http://www.oprah.com/slideshow/oprahshow/20090305-tows-magic-johnson/3 There's good information about endometrial cancer staging (and staging) here: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/endometrial/Patient/page2#Keypoint11 If there's anything I can do to support .. give me a holler. Lots of hugs,
  12. There used to be a place online that you could buy the Russian crochet magazines. I cannot right now recall the name of the business. If I do remember, I'll come and post it. You don't have to read Russian, just be able to work from a graph.
  13. is this it? http://cgi.ebay.com.my/Vintage-Pink-Towel-Set-with-Lg-Crochet-Basket-on-Front_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ370168924111
  14. I'm glad they got there safely. We had a notice from the PO that there was a package for us on Friday, too late to make it up there to check it out..and all weekend I was worried that I had not taped the box good enough or something and that it had been sent back. Turns out it was a package for my ds (who has discovered ebay now that he is 20 and employed.. oy vey!) the story of the squares is a long one, suffice it to say that my plans didn't plan out the way I wanted..so I decided to send them on to a new home. I'm very glad that they will be useful instead of sitting here in a box or bag. Have fun with all your squares.. from everyone.
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