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  1. When I use a cone, I take my stand alone paper towel holder and put the cone on the shorter rod. Works for me. If I didn't have one of those, I'd probably buy one of those holders like in an earlier post.
  2. I have a sign on my (big white appliance that cools & attracts magnets & various newspaper clippings.. since I evidentally can't spell and "fridge" becomes "****" which gets the star treatment. LOL) that says "You may find this house a mess, Sit down, Relax, Converse. It isn't always like this. Sometimes it's even Worse!"
  3. Hehe.. Love the avatar. Good Job lhasaapsolady. The "earning another jewel in your crown" must be an old expression...it refers to the crowns that (some people think) we will wear when we get to heaven. And when you do a special good deed.. it's said that you earned another jewel (or star) in your crown.
  4. Wonderful Job Krystal. You've earned another jewel in your crown.
  5. I think the layout is marvelous. I even made my husband come and admire (and he's not into this stuff at all.. lol.. but he does think we're doing a very nice thing). One for Jeff's parents is a good idea too.
  6. Here's one that is very similar to the "X" square .. only has more of a filet look. http://www.geocities.com/mooncat48/Patterns/Squares/FiletGranny/filetgrannysq.html Hope this is of some help.
  7. I saw my zip..(75654) but didnt' see my name. My c'vill name should be on the squares....unless the mail somehow untied all the tags.. lol
  8. Glad you're home safe & somewhat sound Krystal. I did the AAA thing in January.. thankfully we didn't have bad weather..but being broken down on the side of the interstate isn't fun even in good weather. AAA seems expensive.. until you need it!!
  9. What will go out in the mail this afternoon.. priority. I had a bunch of squares that were pink & 7", so I just added enough to make them 8. If I have time, I'll make another purple & pink..but no guarantees. sorry for the dreadful photograph.
  10. very nice work both of ya'll. I wonder if this couldn't be done using an afghan hook (aka Tunisian hook) and then you'd have either no joins, or fewer ones.
  11. Just some places I've found useful for tweaking my blog. http://www.bloglines.com/ http://www.haloscan.com http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com http://blogfresh.blogspot.com Enjoy.
  12. There's a TON of these patterns available on ebay. http://stores.ebay.com/Berkshires-Outlet
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