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  1. mecread

    Help me please

    I did a shrug a few yrs ago and I got the pattern here, it was a free see if that works
  2. They have just opened and are the sweetest ladies! I have been every week... They have nice yarn at great prices, spinning wheels... She told me is not much of a crocher but that does not mean she does not appricate it. http://enchantedyarnandfiber.blogspot.com/
  3. Hi! from Ky, but really do everything in TN.
  4. Ack ppl from R'ville :O what a small world!
  5. I know i have seen one someplace... HELP Thanks
  6. I really like Spinning in the Oldway buy Priscila Gibson-Roberts I am new to this too.
  7. I will not put them under anything, and the are going to be lanionised too I use Cloth diapers and I have seen cute ones on some of the CD'ing boards.. no I will need a pattern too. he is almost 3 months old 12 lbs'ish
  8. I would like to do some wool longie's for my DS, but what weight would be the best?
  9. neat, I am beteween 79 and 68. Where do you get your yarn from? I really do not like Wal Mart.... I can't go in w/o a ton of ppl stopping me to talk. Used to work at the old store. So I got to C'ville
  10. aww man, that would have been neat oh well I have to remeber it for next yr.
  11. Been away for a while. Got busy with life and my hook got dusty. But I am back even tho things have not calmed down. I have had a baby boy named Cole and he was early and spend a month in NICU due to health problems. He is now doing good and we are adjusting to a new baby in our house.. So now I am crocheting at night as I worry adn dont sleep to much.. But GLAD to find my way back!
  12. you will be in my prayers. What a great gift to give a family.
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