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  1. I'm using FF for my browser, if that helps.
  2. Works for me, but not using the quick reply. You have to hit the reply to this topic button to get the panel for the controls.
  3. I agree with Kittylover, its definitely a yarn that you have to feel where the stitches are. They are not easily defined because of the texture of the yarn.
  4. Word of warning, if you make ONE of these and he actually wears it around his friends, then prepare to make more. LOL
  5. Wow, I love it. You used great colors, and what a great job putting them together. Very very pretty.
  6. I love this bag. Like the others said, very clean and sophisticated.
  7. That is beautiful. I love the color choices too. Great work!
  8. What beautiful dresses, to go with the beautiful kids. LOL Very nice work.
  9. shedotcom

    My first hat

    That is really cute. Love the color choices. Well, now you with both have a hat, right? LOL
  10. I've got one started, but got side tracked. LOL Those are beautiful. Please keep us posted on how it works up in the cotton.
  11. I agree, that is heirloom material right there. You did a wonderful job, and whoever is getting that is going to be in awe. Amazing work. Great choice of yarn and pattern.
  12. I catch myself doing this as well. I've got the progressives, which are supposed to give you all three levels, close, mid range, and distance, but sometimes I wind up looking under the lenses. For me lighting is a real issue. And if I light better then I quite doing that. LOL My mom looked over the top of hers. She'd slide them down her nose. I used to giggle under my breath about that, until I hit that point. Getting older really isn't fun. LOL
  13. ROFL, I'm so using the Mental Health card next time the subject comes up. Great writing girl. You ever though about stand up comedy? LOL
  14. I just figured out the mystery yarn, thanks to the great members here. I love this place. LOL I had so much fun going through all of it, and organizing it. I'm practically dreaming about crocheting every night now. LOL Safe to say, I'm addicted.
  15. Love it. Love the color too! Very nice work.
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