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    I'm 55, married, no kids. We do, however have 4 pet rats, 2 boys, and 2 girls.
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    Mansfield, Ohio
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    Jewelry making is my primary hobby, but when I get tired of that, I crochet.
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    quality assurance technician in a machine shop.
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    afghans, big ones!
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    1961, I was 7. Grandma taught me.
  1. I have the ''Blythe'' pattern, too, I just haven't been able to put this one down.
  2. I'm SO sorry! I forgot to post the pattern source. This is a Gourmet Crochet pattern. They aren't pineapples at the bottom, they're fans I have a lot of fun with this pattern, and I have two more in the works. Margie
  3. I've made five of these. The pattern is really addictive. This one is from cotton. I made three from Simply Soft, and one from Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair. I sure won't do that again, the yarn is a beast to work with. Margie
  4. Thanks for posting pictures, for me. My futon's been pretty well occupied, since I broke my ankle. one can never have TOO much turquoise! Margie
  5. Thank you, Sweetie! I was gonna do that, I just haven't cleaned off the futon, yet.
  6. Woo Hoo! I got a big box, today, from busy-bee-lmt. In it, I found: *A purple shawl, *A round ripple afghan!! (I've been wanting one of those) In blues, purples, and teals. *2 boxes of Vanilla Chai tea. *An apple jar candle *A little journal. Everything is just wonderful. Pictures to follow. Thank you SO much, busy-bee-lmt!!! Margie Your package will go out Monday. This ankle has kind of slowed me down.
  7. My big project is done. Now, on to the little stuff! I broke my ankle last week, at work, so I have all the time in the world! Margie
  8. Welcome to the 'ville, from another Ohioan!
  9. Welcome from Mansfield, ''The Heart of Ohio''. Margie
  10. I got a package in the mail, today. 4 skeins of yarn, yellow, white, pink, and ''snuggly''. A book, ''Special Delivery'' hats and socks to crochet. 4 little candle tins. Toffee nut latte, Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Cappuccino, Cafe' Mocha. And a bag of chocolate Skittles! Thank you, Mumbles 17! And also to crocrazy, for the package she so graciously sent.
  11. Project #1 is done, I also cheated, and have something that was already done. I have...........ideas...... Margie
  12. Got my package, today!!:cheer:cheer The picture doesn't show the little bits of color in the yarn around the edging. Thank you VERY much, Lisa. Margie
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