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  1. Hi!! By making 12 sc in one ch you end up making a circle. The ch you sc into ends up being the hole in the middle of your circle. The second ch that you do nothing with will in some cases become one of your sc. I hope I didn't confuse you. This video may help you out. <3 Olivia
  2. So much fun to make. This one is made with our own handspun superwash merino in our Wildflowers- just the petals colorway. Sooooo soft. You can find this pattern and the yarn I made it with here: http://www.ilashdesigns.net/
  3. Thank you! I just love making this hat. I think I have a box full of them lol
  4. This is available at: http://www.ilashdesigns.net/ So fun to make! It's made using our ilashdesigns handspun yarn. This is our Woodland Faerie colorway. I wish I could just make these bonnets all day long! lol <3
  5. Beautiful Bonnet pattern I made! You can find it and more at: http://www.ilashdesigns.net/
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