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  1. thank you that is what I thought.
  2. Right this second this hypothetical but if a pattern calls for an F hook and that makes a 6in square. And I stitch to that gauge if I go a hook size smaller that should make the square smaller right? Thanks
  3. We have it up here is Jesup Ga.
  4. Is this the first year for this color. If so my guess is they didn't except it to be as big a hit as it has turned out to be.
  5. I was just at my local Wal-Mart and they sale the Pink CAmo yarn as well as the blue camo and everything in between with it.
  6. My Wal-Mart is having a sale right now. All a dollar a skein lots of stuff. Whats right out oin the open is almost all gone. Some RH Plush and baby yarn (I already bought 7 skeins of the Plush and 5 of the baby for a dollar). But I found another hiden stack. Its hidden behind where they always park the cart of boxes. I have been there 3 times this week and never saw this. Suede yarn, homespun, chenille quick and thick, tons of novelty, a bunch of ww seagreen yarn...All a dollar a piece. I will stock up in 2 days and counting.
  7. Ga_Rebel

    Fastest stitch

    My understanding is they are the same. As for a fast moving stitch I like Doubles and Trebles. Those seems to move pretty quick. At least the trebles do once you get use to them.
  8. Ok so I am looking for simple teddt bear clothes patterns. Our bears around here range from 16 -20to25 inches tall or so. Looking for sweaters vest and the like. Oh and for boys (all we have is three boys). Can someone help?
  9. I have never seen this nobo yarn at our Wal-Mart. Though I know some stuff went on sale Friday. But They were all 2.50 a skein. I am going tonight and seeing if the price is any lower.
  10. Thank you everyone. I do feel better now. I put it on my bed last night (it swallowed my bed) and slept with it last night. Not to think not to thin.....Just Right.
  11. They said for a king size bed. But once I got it on my bed I relieved it must have been made for a Cali. King size bed. It sleeps wonderfully.
  12. THere is a part of me that feels bad about having it. When I went to pick it up the woman told me her husband's mother made it. I asked a few questions about it like if it was made with acrylic yarn or not. And they acted like they just didn't care. And it made me feel bad because I can see and tell a lot of love wnet into that blanket. Looks like it never left the trash bag I recieved it in.
  13. And here it is washed and all: http://crochetadventures.blogspot.com/2006/09/look-what-i-got-through-freecycle.html
  14. Ok well I have the washing part done. Now I am drying this huge thing. Once thats done I'll post some pictures along with measurements. I knew it was ayrlic as soon as I touched it. That was not what I worried about. It was the size of the blanket and the strain on my washer.
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