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  1. Memawjohn

    Ldc Lhdc?

    No, they spell it out long double crochet and long half double crochet.
  2. Memawjohn

    Ldc Lhdc?

    I am working on a teddy bear blanket for my grandson that will be here next month. The pattern calls for a long double crochet and a long half double crochet but doesnt say how to do it. Does anyone know how to do these stitches?
  3. I just recently discovered this project. I have made one striped and made it 14 inches longer to fold the ends up and make pockets.
  4. Hello, and welcome from Texas.
  5. Is it to late to join this cal? I am thinking about making it in black. I had a grandkid ask me for a black afghan.
  6. Hello, I just joined and it looks like a good place to be. I have 8 children and 13 grandkids and I am always looking for new patterns and ideas.
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