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    A left handed librarian who loves yarn, jack russells and her crazy family!
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    Trevose PA
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    Crochet and dare I say it here knitting.
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    Since I was a little girl
  1. congrats. Here to a long and happy crochet life! I see sweaters in your future.
  2. Congrats! Publishing a pattern is a great achievement, bask in the glory, you done good!
  3. Count me in it is something I want to learn.
  4. It looks like we have the start of a cip movement. Thats crochet in public. I love to crochet on the bus it really breaks up the day and is a mini meditation session to get me relaxed before I get to work and get all worked up. Sometimes I do two projects one for the morning and one for the way home. I have met people with my crocheting people sit next to me and start talking and yarn and soon we are sharing projects and swapping tips. I got some great advice when I started knitting.
  5. She'll grow into it. It looks great good job!
  6. smokeyp81, Just a heads up I put your package in the mail today. You should receive it in two to three days. I hope you like it.
  7. Thanks I snagged that for my blog. I appreciate your efforts.
  8. Great looking afghan and super cute dog. I think your deluding yourself if you think that blankie is for you. I think you should just surrender and call it Holly's blanket!
  9. I would put it in the pile with the eyelash yarn! Looks like we will be seeing that in the clearance bin soon.
  10. dump it. Life is too short to obsess over bad yarn! Especially with all the good yarn out there.
  11. I finally finished my purse swap and packed it up to mail away on Tuesday. It is my first finished purse and I made it without a pattern. I was thinking mariachi when I made the purse. Enjoy! More details on my blog.
  12. That is so cute and I wouldn't worry about the thumbs, monkeys don't have them anyway! I think you need a whole troop of them.
  13. Look like another winner! You are so creative. Great job. And you daughter look so cosmopolitan modeling it. My kid always looks like he is posing for a mug shot when I make him try anything on.
  14. What a cool blanket and a cool blog. My son is crazy for Nintendo especially the old school ninetendo. He has a one up mushroom wristband. Thanks for the great idea for a christmas gift.
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