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  1. Thank you ladies for the quick response. I sure will post my question in yarn talk as well. Did not realize I was in the wrong topic. I want to make a triangle shawl/ wrap for the freezing cold days here in Houston. (Well, ok, it's more to wear to restaurants when you freeze your buttocks off from the ac.:-)) I started making one from lion brand homespun (i have no idea how that holds up in the wash) but I don't really like the shine in the yarn. To me it looks synthetic and I did not want that look. It's very soft and cuddly though. I like that part. I will also check out berroco and brava. @spiritwalker: During my search on the internet I came across several complains about knitpicks. Supposedly their website was hacked a while ago and creditcard numbers stolen. They never properly informed their costumers about. A bunch of people got warning calls from their bank that their card was used in other countries etc. other people found out on their own. I don't really want to do business with Knitpicks for that reason. Just so that you know about this.:-)
  2. Ok, so here I am, new in America from Europe and I have no clue about so many of the yarns here. Hope you all can help me. I can absolutely not wear anything with wool in it so I am trying to find very soft acrylic that washes well and can be made with crochet hook K.10.5. Any good suggestions for that? I would be so thankful after spending so many hours on the internet and not getting anywhere. :-(
  3. Hi, I'm Sil and I love to crochet amigurumies. Looking on the web for fun patterns I came across this site and decided to browse. Great fun! So here I am. At the moment we live in The Netherlands but we lived in the States for many years (we are Dutch). Three of our four kids still live/study in the States and I hope for a transfer from my husbands work soon so we can all be together again. I'm also a member of a Dutch crochet forum but The Netherlands, being this small, itty bitty country, there are never as many members/postings/ideas as on American forums.
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