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  1. Greycon

    Advice on border

    Finally finished the ends, and washed. Thank you for your help. I decided against a border on this one. Turned out to be 70" x 45" before I started running out of dark purple. As promised, final pic.
  2. Greycon

    Sewing in ends

    Thank you! I went ahead and wove them in. I know better than know, but was getting impatient and lazy at the end I guess. Good to know about the knots in skein. I have been clipping them, leaving a tail and weaving them in.
  3. Greycon

    Sewing in ends

    Ok, lazy question. Do you sew your ends in or knot them off for a generic blanket. I know sewing them in is prefered for sensitivity reasons. But what about out when that is not an issue. Love crochet, but I hate sewing in ends, and I have at least 60 more to go on this afghan.
  4. Greycon

    Advice on border

    ReniC, Much better things to drool over on this site than me using up my purple. Lol. Here is where I'm at so far. Going to do another rotation, sew in my 70 some odd ends, then decide what I'm going to do.
  5. 3 years later, and she still drags it around the house and curls up in it. Glad I went through both loops and put the border on it. She has put it through a lot of use and it is not showing any signs of wear. Ever once and a while I see an end that I sewed in that peaks out, but no wear. I was worried for a while about those since I did not tie them in place. But I guess I don't need to worry any more. May have gone overboard with the 1' long tails though. But hey, they locked in. Jason
  6. Greycon

    Advice on border

    Hello All, I was hopeing to get some design advice from those with more experience than I have. I had a bunch of 2 colors of purple left over from another project that I did not know what to do with. About enough to make a half of a lap-ghan. So, since purple is my wife's favorite color, I bought some white and made her a lap-ghan with the purple and white. I really was not thinking about the border at the time. Now I'm kinda in a pickle on how to do the border. The ghan is a chevron style that I put together from learning about chevrons and other ghans I have made, so, no published pattern. This is what I did. Started with dark purple for 3 double crochet rows. (Plus starter chain of course) 2 rows of light purple 5 rows of white 2 rows light purple Then back to 3 rows of dark purple. DP,LP,W,LP,DP,LP,W... etc. I just repeated this pattern to length and planned on finishing with dark pirple. Actual stitch pattern is 2 dc, skip next stitch, *11 dc, 3 dc in next stitch, 11 dc, skip next 2 stitches* repeated *'s 5 more times for a total of 6 peaks. Skip next stitch, 2 dc, chain 3 and turn. So, my wife would like the dark purple as the border. My question then is, how do I do this since I started the ghan with dark purple. Should I, 1. Turn to the other side of the ghan, tie in and do a series of rows on the opposite side to bring it to light purple. Then do 3 border rotations of dc's? Will this stick out like a sore thumb? 2. Just tie in to a corner and do 3 rows of dc's on the 3 remaining sides? What would I do with end edge with I have the side of 3 dc's? 3. Finish the bottom with 3 dark purple dc's to finish the current pattern and only border the sides in some way? 4. Something better that I have not thought of. Lol I can take a pic and attach if it will help visualizing it. Thank you in advance for any ideas. Jason
  7. Thank you. I got it. For some reason it was confusing me. Jason
  8. Hello again, Working on a hat for my son. Pattern here. Admin Note: Removed pattern link due to copyright issues. Can someone explain what this means. "Do not chain in the chain one of the round join with a slip stich in the first actual single crochet of the round." Thank you, Jason
  9. Thank you all for your help and advice. I think it turned out well, and she loves it. I should have taken a picture before I gave it to her. She will not let go of it. I'll get a pic when we wash it next. Thanks again, Jason
  10. Thank you for the replies. Soooo, I asked my supervisor. She put her hands on her hips, looked at me like this was the most important decision she will ever make. Then said, "Ruffels. It should have Ruffels." God, they are cute at 4. Anyway, time to make a granny square with leftovers to see if she really likes it first. Going to try the one you said Redrosesdz. I'm kinda surprised that she did not want a lace edge like her baby-ghan. She is always playing with it. Any other ideas for reasonable ruffels? Thank you, Jason
  11. Hello Everybody, Now that my daughter is growing out of her baby-ghan, I started her a new ghan. We went to the store and she picked out the yarn she wanted. She chose a variegated pink, purple, blue, and green for the body. And a matching light purple for the border. I decided to copy a ghan my mother left me. It's a simple alternation of rows. 1 row all dc's. The next row 3 dc's, sc, skip 1 and 3 dc's. I'm sure I said that wrong, but you can understand from the pic. After doing 1.5 million dual yarn dc's for my son's flannel-ghan, I figured, no big deal. So, you can prob see my first mistake pretty easy. My base chain was off by 2 sc's and I did not pay really notice what I did until 8 rows in. Did not want to start over, so 1 side has 3 dc's on the side and the other has 1. My question is, what type of border do I put on this ghan? I planned on just doing 2 or 3 circuits of dc around it. Just wondering if something else might look better. Second question I likely will ask wrong. When hooking into the bottom row for my dc's, I usually only grab 1 on the yarns not both. Studying my mom's ghan, she grabbed both. So, that's what I did with this ghan. I'm just wondering, does it make a difference? I was thinking it may make the small holes between rows seem smaller, but I can't see much difference. Is 1 way proper, or is it just a preference thing? I can see that going through both sure seems a beck of a lot easier. But that could just be because I still fluctuate in how tight or loose I make a stitch. Thank you, Jason
  12. Hello, I was wondering is anybody knew what stitch this is and how I would go about repairing this tear. It is 1 bi-colored thread throughout. I would assume that the way to fix it is to try and it is a square knot with the 2 ends. Very little to work with though, and I don't know if there is and easier / better way. Thank You, Jason
  13. Wow, thx for the quick replies! It was a made up example, so it could be slst or sc. What I was thinking in my head was a number of dc's in the same stitch seperated by a ch 1. So from the sounds of it, I would want to slst into the 3rd chain being the top of the dc. I had not thought about the sc counting as a stitch thereby making it a double if I went into the third. I can see in that instance I would then go into the fourth. Thank you again! Jason
  14. This question may be to vague without referencing a pattern, but it appears throughout a number of them. It seems like it is just something that you are.already supposed to know. A pattern will say something like, "chain 4, counts as first dc. dc, ch1 8 times. Join on first dc with sc." I put it in quotes, but this does not come from any specific pattern, just what I pulled from my head. Regardless it is immaterial to the question, which is, where exactly and how am I supposed to join. Am I supposed to go into a stitch of the ch 4, and if so, which one? I'm guessing the 3rd. Or am I supposed to be joining around the post of the ch 4, thereby giving the pattern the ability to pull the stitch into place where it fits? If that makes any sense to anybody. Thank you, Jason
  15. Rose, Let me add my thanks to everybody else's. These really do go together fast and look great. My son and I went to the store and he picked out his own colors. Why am I not surprised it was SpiderMan red and blue. I think it turned out really nice. Thing I learned. I did the attach as you go method. Worked real well. Well, because I'm neurotic, I whip stiched the edges anyway. It did not need the stiching, but by the time I figured that out, I was not going to go back and undo the others. So I continued. It looked good both ways. Having the extra stiching is probably not a bad thing for a 4 year old. I think that I am still stiching to tight, my squares are more rectangular, but not so must as to make it look bad. I bought 7 lbs of yarn, 4 red, 3 blue. And have about 1.5 lbs left between red and blue. Guess I should make a matching something. The ghan perfectly fits his twin size bed with 5 strips. I did a simple border of 2 doubles in the accent color. My phone does not take the best pics, the ghan is much lighter than the pic makes it look. The yarn I used was CARON one pound, and the colors are Scarlet and Cape Cod blue. Thank you for the pattern, I am sure it will get years of love. Jason
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