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    DuBois, PA
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    CROCHET!, reading, music of all kinds
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    Bakery Associate
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    at this point, afghans
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    started in 1992(i was 7) stopped and started again just recently (2006)
  1. I haven't posted my progress in quite sometime but I'm nearly finished with mine it's in black and yellow and it's HUGE! I should get it done within the next week...I'll be sure to post pictures
  2. i think maybe i'll switch from using black as the main, to using yellow as the main by just adding an extra yellow main strip, i'm just crossing my fingers on this one
  3. I have a question and I want you all's opinions: I'm running out of yarn (true i have like 3 pounds left but still) and I dont think I'll be about to do an odd number of panels wide, do you think it would look weird if instead of my planned 7 panels, I had only 6? would the odd ending be terribly noticed at all?
  4. mainstays is nice and it gives my blankie a good texture, the caron pounders are kinda thick and rough at first but this is soft and thinner than other WW's i've used, i really like it. plus it's pretty cheap $$$ more money saved for more yarn!! wooohooo
  5. wow smileyface that is beautiful! your really did a good job, i just hope mine turns out just as pretty
  6. I'm using mainstays yarn in the bright yellow and black...i just hope i bought enough...i'm such a worry wort lol
  7. I bought 6 pounds of yarn today i'm hoping that will be enough I am still hoping to make it huge like my boyfriend wants but we will see
  8. It's so tempting to join this one! My boyfriend wanted me to make him a blankie but then my stashbusting score will be negative!! He wanted it really BIG...6footx10foot ouch!
  9. i'm from DuBois (2hours east of Pitt)
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