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    Catheryn Littlejohn
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    I have ms and severe arthritis. Crochet is a way to exercise my hands and brain.
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    Gaffney, South Carolina
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    Crochet, knit, gardening, reading, tatting, needlepoint, cross stitch
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    Retired bookkeeper and banker
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    Shawl, doilies, scarves, baby items
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    Since I was 5 years old!!!
  1. This finished piece measures 2 1/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches....one stitch over one thread on 40 count silk gauze. The finished piece contains 10,353 stitches in that small an area. My recent blindness as a result of completing this paid off, tho, because it captured Best of Show in the cross stitch division at the Laramie County Fair this past week.
  2. catheryn

    Fair Winner

    This afghan won first place and superior ribbons at the Laramie County Fair 2010.
  3. Thank you so much ladies....I have been working so much I just now had time to check back in. Yes, it is a Delsie Rhoades pattern....actually 2. I combined elements of her Rose and her Sweet Heart dresses into one pattern......into a hope chest it now goes for the day my daughter finally decides to marry and then make me a grandmother!!!
  4. This set took "best of Show" for crochet items in the Laramie County Fair. I was so very excited!!!!
  5. I forgot to add that I need to order some for my crochet hooks also!!! LOL
  6. Janet that is beautiful!!!!! How many can I order for all my knitting needles? LOL Knitting needles come in lengths from 5 and 7 inch double points all the the wau up to 10, 12 and 15 inch straight needles. If she uses circular needles, she would use the same type of case, only with much wider pockets. I can't believe you are sewing like that already!!!!
  7. That is exactly why I don't use double points. I started this one with the circular loop (crochet) cast on and then worked it on 2 circulars til it was large enough to work on just one circ. It only took a few rounds because I have some 9 inch circulars. Then I just move up from there!
  8. You are so sweet...but you ran into the same problem I had!! I really, really, really would love this issue if anyone is willing to part with it!!
  9. Nope...what you do is crochet a cord, baste it around the pattern you have ironed onto a piece of muslin, then fill in the open areas with different needle laces. I have been wanting to learn how to do this for the longest time!!
  10. Oh, you are such a dear!!!!!!!!
  11. Sandy Jo, thank you so much....these patterns are hard to find!
  12. Yes it is....do you have a copy you are willing to let go?
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