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  1. Probably fotr thda the best I dont hear a sad story about an animal... Im a cryer! I came home from work tonight and the show was one of those animal cops and it was a dog that'd gotten stung several times by a bee... balled. Meanwhile my dog looks at me like I've FINALLY lost my marbles! And sighs and goods to the bedroom! I want to learn to knit mostly so I can make a fair isle. Hat.... that's what I'm most thrilled for.
  2. Oh no artmama! You've gotta get one! Haha my dog is the brightest part in my life
  3. I'm wondering how many of you clever crafty crocheters also do some other crafts. Ie: quilt, knit, sewing, needle point, scrapbooks etc. I quilt (well sorta I have quilted before and want to again) and want to learn to knit!
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