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  1. here's the link to find the pattern: http://www.joann.com/harlequin-blanket/prod720813/ I'm very confused on round 8. Here is specifically where I'm findng myself lost: Rnd 8: With B, sl st in next sc. Ch 2. (Yoh & draw up loop) 3 times in next sc. Yoh & draw through 6 loops on hook. Yoh & draw through rem 2 loops on hook (bobble made). Ch 1. Miss next sc. Bobble in next sc. Ch 1. Miss next sc. *(Bobble. Ch 1. Bobble) all in next corner sc. I understand the premise of not fully completing a double crochet to make the bobble- but I don't understand the 3 times in next SC. YOH and draw up 6 loops? if I'm doing it 3 times I don't have 6 on my hook? I find this part very confusing
  2. I have several irons in the fire right now. I'm making the chapeaus throw which will be a red hat society theme, I'm making a blue and gold spirit throw for my sister, I'm making a baby blanket for a girl friend. a scarf for my hubby (taking my time with that one as I get bored because it's JUST the same stitch over and over) and I am going to try and learn to knit.
  3. Probably fotr thda the best I dont hear a sad story about an animal... Im a cryer! I came home from work tonight and the show was one of those animal cops and it was a dog that'd gotten stung several times by a bee... balled. Meanwhile my dog looks at me like I've FINALLY lost my marbles! And sighs and goods to the bedroom! I want to learn to knit mostly so I can make a fair isle. Hat.... that's what I'm most thrilled for.
  4. Oh no artmama! You've gotta get one! Haha my dog is the brightest part in my life
  5. I'm wondering how many of you clever crafty crocheters also do some other crafts. Ie: quilt, knit, sewing, needle point, scrapbooks etc. I quilt (well sorta I have quilted before and want to again) and want to learn to knit!
  6. carevun

    pipsqueak yarn

    What do you think of it? have you used it?I was thinking of using it for a baby blanket but I've never read anything on it. and I think it's one of the less common ones. Thanks
  7. Breath taking! Surely will be appreciated!
  8. I'm basically with everybody else. If I'm crocheting I'm not bugging him. Although... he complains about my tiny stash (like 1 large Rubbermaid container that's it!) And doesn't understand why I need to buy specific things for specific projects. Like baby yarn for baby blankets etc. But he rarely voices it just rolls his eyes when I say I'm going to *fill in blank with craft store name* hehehe
  9. VERY! nice my dad would LOVE this! maybe a silly question but... what is an edgerydoo?
  10. carevun

    A few questions?

    Yeah tonkamama, I'm very sensitive myself so that's surely something to consider. Thanks everyone!!!
  11. that's a beautiful hat! I will add it to my must do list
  12. There's always raverly. Very popular. I made the divine hat for a girlfriend going through chemo When I made it I made 2 mistakes (though she wears it anyhow with pride) I used rhss (way too rough on a soft head) and I held my tension too tight. Many of her buddies commented on how much they liked it so maybe you might like that one :-)
  13. I've hand washed the few acrylic hats (and scarves ) I've made but just laid flat to dry. However if I were to hand wash : I'd do it in the sink with warm water and add a little drop of detergent.
  14. carevun

    Chapeaus Afghan?

    Thanks for the compliments ladies!!! I've never done a ghan before with multiple pieces. Mine have always been one big continuous piece so hopefully I can figure out (or YouTube) how to piece them together! Thanks again :-)
  15. carevun

    Chapeaus Afghan?

    I'm making the chapeaus afghan (tiny hats) http://www.crochet-world.com/newsletters.php?mode=issue&issue_id=255&department_id=7 I'm making it in red and purple as my grandmother is a member of the red hat society. I think my squares are coming out a lot larger than they appear in photos of everyone elses'. I'm generally a tight crocheter so I don't think it's that. I'm using an H as the patterm calls for although I' thinking I should go down to a G? What are your thoughts? additionallly: I'm a little confused on this part of the pattern: With black, making sure all hats are placed in the same direction and working through back lps, sew Motifs tog in 7 rows of 9 Motifs each. Also- For anyone who's made this- did you actually use needle and thread to sew anything? I was just using the tails remaining on the ties? Picture of square:
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