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  1. zoeybear

    colorful afghan

    Thank you! I had a bunch of different skeins of the variegated yarn so each round i did i just changed to a different skein so the colors would really be random.
  2. zoeybear

    colorful afghan

    I finally finished this afghan. It's just a rainbow of colors. I think it looks better in person!
  3. quick question, I've read over people asking about programs that provide a graph for you to crochet a pattern, and I really like knitpro. But when you put the image through the grid, it comes up blurred, and the edges aren't sharp...there's like a shadow around it. When you are crocheting it, will it look normal? Or is there a way to get the blurriness off it? any help would be appreciated! thank you!
  4. thank you!! hopefully i'll get better at it and not give up. I think I'm going to do an afghan next!
  5. new to crochet and made my first stuffed bunny! looks different than it should, but I am still happy with it!
  6. i am a new member and i am wondering why when i open a thread that has pictures in it it just shows the link to it instead of loading it on the page. i have my settings to load pictures automatically and read the faq and tried to searvh but i cannot find a solution to my problem. i hope you can help!
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