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  1. IKR? It's good to be back. I miss Crochetville a lot (things got a tad bit hectic in the studio for a few years)!!
  2. Free crochet pattern - click here: Starburst Cape
  3. Free crochet pattern - click here: Free Digits
  4. Free crochet pattern - click here: Princess Seamist
  5. Free crochet pattern: Do Your Wooly Vest - click here: Do Your Wooly Vest!
  6. Debut of my NEW crochet shawl pattern: Sonder - click here: http://ow.ly/NJJC308vpGt
  7. Click here for the free pattern: Do Your Cottony Vest
  8. Click here for free pattern: Cable Car Hobo
  9. This is a pattern that I designed to be easy to memorize and fun to make - and it's FREE. You start at the longest part and decrease every row so it seems to get faster and faster! LOL - enjoy! Click here: Claire by Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude ~drew~ thecrochetdude
  10. I'm not a lady, but I do like how your ghan is turning out!!
  11. Hey everyone!! Guess who just left a long comment on my blog??!! I'm so excited I could just jump up and down! None other than Julene Watson herself, the designer of this pattern. She wanted to help with the tracking down of the yarns and this is what she wrote: You can still get the principle colors I used. They are made by Red Heart. Get the Black and White in the Super Saver size, but not the "sport weight." But, be SURE you get the "Wedgewoods" in the 3 oz. "Classic" size and worsted weight. Even though it *does* come in the slightly-cheaper super saver size, the colors are NOT t
  12. I really wish I remember the names of the colors, but it's been so long. Sorry about that! Besides, I bet they would all be discontinued by now anyways...
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