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  1. IKR? It's good to be back. I miss Crochetville a lot (things got a tad bit hectic in the studio for a few years)!!
  2. Free crochet pattern - click here: Starburst Cape
  3. Free crochet pattern - click here: Free Digits
  4. Free crochet pattern - click here: Princess Seamist
  5. Free crochet pattern: Do Your Wooly Vest - click here: Do Your Wooly Vest!
  6. Debut of my NEW crochet shawl pattern: Sonder - click here: http://ow.ly/NJJC308vpGt
  7. Click here for the free pattern: Do Your Cottony Vest
  8. Click here for free pattern: Cable Car Hobo
  9. This is a pattern that I designed to be easy to memorize and fun to make - and it's FREE. You start at the longest part and decrease every row so it seems to get faster and faster! LOL - enjoy! Click here: Claire by Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude ~drew~ thecrochetdude
  10. Didn't they have 18 inch waistlines?
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