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    Felts Mills (a small, unknown town) NY
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    crocheting, reading, facebook!!!, lottsa stuff
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    things i can wear, or my dogs can wear, things i can use, like purses...
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    since i was 8 or 9
  1. yes I love ravelry, there's just one con tho, there are so many patterns, my queue keeps growing and growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm never going to finish it if it keeps getting bigger!
  2. well you all have made me feel so much better, I thought it was just me cuz I always get bored easily, but no I know its not! And Its gonna take me TONS of practice to be able to crochet without looking!!!!
  3. I might try that, but yeah hats exactly what i have to do! I have to force myself, im like "self pick up the hook and do x number rows now before u can do anything else!" haha anyone else have this problem????
  4. no i havent been counting every stitch but, usually if i try to look away ill end up skipping a stitch, so anything that takes my eyes away would be out of the option, although i have tried watching tv and crocheting on commercial breaks, this helps a little... but i cant believe i didnt think of something as simple as listening to music!!!
  5. thanks everyone! sorry i hadnt replied earlier, but i just found out was ravelry was and ive been addicted!!!!!
  6. don't get me wrong, I love crochet, but some patterns call for a lot of stitches and a lot of rows in the same stitch and after a while, I get bored of that project. -_- Like the project I'm on now, its a skirt and the waist band is in sc, you do vertical rows to fit around your waist, that's a lot of rows in all sc, and i really want to finish this!!! sorry for this random smiley... i luv them so i was wondering if anyone else has this problem of boredom while crocheting and if you have methods on how to ease your boredom while progressing thru your project????????? any suggestions???
  7. :wavingHi! My name is Chrissy and I'm a crochet addict...:laughrollI'm new... obviously. I've been crocheting since I was 8 or 9, I'm 15 now, but my gram taught me. About me... I can be super duper hyper! I tend to type in text talk a lot, but I try not to , so if it slips.. sorry! I have lots of pets... I wont bother listing them I play the flute and the saxophone ... I have a messy room.. What teenager doesnt??? I love smileys, as if you couldn't tell, and the extreme abundance that there is to choose from is making me go CRAZY!!!< Haha that one reminds me of something spongebob would do.. yes i still watch spongebob ... got a problem with that? :trymelol jk! O the possibilities... About my crocheting... I love crochet, but i get bored easily... i have ADHD so it is hard to stay occupied, and I usually end up abandoning most of my projects or at least taking on too many at a time... Can anyone else relate? I like to crochet things for my dogs :doglike sweaters... my currents project is making 4 chihuahua sweaters for my neighbor's dogs.. I have a small collection of old crochet/knitting books although i dont knit. I have a stack of those old workbasket magazines. I started loom knitting recently!but I always come back to crochet. I like to talk... A LOT! I love music, and I'll probably quote songs a lot... just saying, kinda random tho.. And lastly, although I have done crochet for a few years i am not the greatest and I like to challenge myself... BUT there is still A LOT that i need to learn! :sighAlright self that's enough they don't want to hear your whole life story, gosh... at least they cant hear your annoying little high pitched voice... haha what? no I'm not talking to myself... what? psh.. nah.. psh
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