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  1. Thank you for your quick response. Yes in the living room, to the right of the couch, there is a chair with the afghan I'm writing about. It's quite lovely... Thank you again
  2. I saw an afghan on the show Cristela that is draped over the living room chair..I think its a ripple - chevron type afghan.. Any ideas as to where to find this pattern? Thank you
  3. Thank you all for your advice. The scarf is finished but it wasn't easy. I'm not planning on using this yarn again. The best revenge is to not buy the yarn again and let the company know that.
  4. Hello It frays in the middle and on the ends I started the project over a couple of times. Lost some yarn. It also broke off in the middle of crocheting as well. So....I finally got to make the scarf....but now the ends are really really bad...I normally don't knot anything but I may have to and also take your advice about the fabric glue...The ends are really bad... Thank you for your input.
  5. I need help with fraying yarn. This is Homespun yarn. What can I do with this yarn to stop it from fraying? It's really annoying..
  6. Wow, what a change. So happy you're up and running again!
  7. This is for guiness56 Hello, It was supposed to be a throw...but I had a lot of yarn of this color around so I kept going on with it until I ran out....That's how it became more than a throw.. :heehee Thanks for asking.
  8. Thank you for all you kind words..
  9. Hello all, I made this for my daughter for Christmas. I just finished it on Christmas eve. It's almost covers a double bed. It was supposed to be a throw but I just kept going and going...and kept me warm while I worked on it. The pattern is from the booklet from LA #2826 Birthstone Afghans. This pattern is for August...But I made it with the colors I had laying around which were: Caron Lilac 0577 and Deep Violet 0547. I used H hook. Thanks for looking. http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l207/Marty_055/August006_zps2857ff2a.jpg http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l207/Marty_055
  10. Love it....been wanting to do that for a long time...I can't find them in the stores anymore...so the next best thing is making them myself Great job! and very handy to have.
  11. Hello all, I need a crochet pattern for a Sponge Bob blanket. Can anyone help with this? Feel free to email me as I'm not on here all the time. Thank you, Martha
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