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    Crocheting, Scrapbooking, Cross Stitch
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    Round Ripple Afghans
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    I have been crocheting since 1993
  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these designs you did a great job!
  2. I love it ... great job it looks awesome!
  3. Thank you all for the kind words and since most of you thought a gold trim would make it look better I am going to add one and Ill post pictures when I get it finished. Debbie THANK YOU for your support!
  4. I love the colors I think its beautiful!
  5. This is beautiful! Very nice job!
  6. usaspouse

    New project

    I love the colors cant wait to see this when its finished.
  7. I love the colors .... great job!
  8. Thats really cute Ive never heard of Edery doo before thanks for the link. I have always wondered how people put a crocheted border around blankets and clothes now I know.
  9. I love it! The colors are very pretty .... Im sure it will be well received.
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