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    swpw, bbw, self employed. Wiccan.
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    sw va
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    I like to stay busy, so have tried a large variety of crafts that I love. learned to knit june 2009
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    since I was around 4 yrs old.
  1. isnt that a great pattern? easy, but enough to keep ur focused.
  2. the 1 that i have 3 in? i found it initially on here, i think (sorry, don't have pattern w/ me and am using a friends comp or libraries due to mine being down for a bit) its called "sunny spread" in the pattern. the link for that is here http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/sunny-spread
  3. the love 1 is made by smoothfox (smoothfoxlover.blogspot.com or she is on raverly and etsy)
  4. they are front posts stitches and work up quickly
  5. been busy making babyghans and thought id share a few.
  6. tammy, theres at least 2 patterns on cville that are the ribbons pattern. 1 is fpdc's to make a raised 1 and the other is a filet pattern and they should be in the free patterns section
  7. i would make the hats red w/ a purple band and maybe a white or black b/g.. think the black would make them POP more...
  8. i did a knitted owl dishcloth pattern for a friend. found the pattern on knittingpatterncentral.com under dishcloths. perhaps that could help you?
  9. hi raggedyann...im south of you by about an hr...hr and half... in the martinsville area. nice to meet you
  10. just found this and (hope not cheating) i have been knitting dishcloths and crocheting potholders (the mystery 1's) to give to the teachers of the united way financial aid class im taking. love doing them and, esp since dol tree had the cotton there recently, i have gotten back into it.
  11. i just saw on fb something about this, a photo share and it had on it in words, "when others tell you that you can't. look at them and say, 'watch me'." sorta the "yet" another said to add. you can, rome wasnt built in a day and clothes wont be either, but dedication and determination will (to quote larry the cable guy)"getter done"
  12. im not very good at taking an idea and running, would you have it written out? i really like the v's in that and so pretty
  13. oh, a friend of mine loves flamingos. and would love that ornie. may i ask where you found the pattern? or if its 1 of your own?
  14. yours does look similar to the 1 that received a lot of attention, but if you look closely, you can definitely see differences between the 2. it is gorgeous.
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