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  1. oh drat,the time just turned to noon,so good afternoon,was busy listening to a thriller and time got away from me this our last day of semi warmth,the bottom falls out tomorrow,hello 30's,nothing like a 30-40 drop in temps to get you movin enjoy your day
  2. hello from another leftie,but I crochet right handed hope someone will be along soon to help you out I can't seem to get the hang of the corner to corner either,and ripples give me fits,they go off on a weird angle,the person who showed me how to make them,said she never seen anything like what I was getting
  3. Owlvamp Its on pg 68 about mid page, A January 3rd post by Ratdog that shows the rosary
  4. good morning heading to the Y again today,for another 4X's around track,will try for 5 X's next week it rained overnight,still mild,50- 60,have a wonderful day
  5. if we were having winter olympics that bear would fit right in,all your creations are lovely,hope to see more when you return again
  6. good morning hats for pantry Tuesday 14, Rene' 12, Lyn 2, they will probably sit for a week,right now with 60 degrees. next drop on Jan.28 rainy,temps dipping but not by much,have a good day
  7. second day in the 70's here but next Wednesday not getting above 30 Brenda thank you for the card and wonderful letter,I owe you one,I did correct the address in my crochetville book,glad it got to you with my blooper. went to Y today did the track,went around 4 X's ugh,Rene' said 12 to 14 laps make a mile,I'll just have to work up to that,after 4 couldn't feel my feet,so figured it was best to stop
  8. sorry they sent the wrong stuff and hope that they can fix the order
  9. good morning,going to the Y this morning,have the membership,so might as well use it its raining,I finished 2 of the 3 books I mentioned the other day,have an hour left on the Newfoundland one enjoy the day
  10. oh geez,my eyes must be playing tricks on me,thanks
  11. thats how our hats are too,gender neutral Rene' mentions to me Tuesday that her church would like hats for food pantry Tuesdays,she has been cranking them out,she has 8 to my 2 a couple of yrs ago it was 100 but that was over a yrs time
  12. now after I stopped laughing my head off Bgs,the question is did it work?
  13. had a great week with yarn ,between nests and hats I'm on a roll wtd + 12 ytd + 12
  14. is it a free pattern? they are very nice
  15. good morning I have been up since 5:45,decided to just get up and start my day,second cup of coffee,book on audio. its going to be in the 70's today 35 degrees above normal,the weather lady said and when will we see winter? She thinks it will be upon us in 2 weeks. enjoy your day
  16. was out the door early for a podiatry nail trim,went to the dollar stores,they all don't carry the same stuff we are headed to 70 and 77 degrees in the next few days who knew we were going to have Florida weather in mid January,boy we won't know how act when 20 degrees comes to town,enjoy your day
  17. good afternoon catching up on reading ( audio ) three different stories,one is the Crawdads,the other is Kitchen House, and lastly one called When the World came to Town the story of Newfoundland on 9/11,none are my usual romance that I usually read
  18. love the beautiful work,I don't do thread work,I was gifted two beautiful pieces from a lady in Poland,she hasn't been active on the site for awhile
  19. I'll be making hats again soon,Rene' mentioned the need for her church on their pantry Tuesdays,I was real glad to have a hat on yesterday when I was out in the high winds,hope everyone has a great day
  20. good morning frost on the roof tops but 3 days from now its going to be 70 enjoy your day
  21. I really hear you on those plug in ones,they goes so far as to say they are air pollution,they cause me to wheeze and my eyes and nose run. I never had a problem with scented things or perfume,until we were in a hotel room and the cleaning people must have used straight bleach to clean the bathrooms,we were stuck with that room cause of race weekend in SW Va.,but it did something my respiratory track and now I can't stand any strong fragrance,White Diamond by Liz Taylor,and his mom loved that stuff,but when we went riding,Bill would ask why I was crying,not crying just the fumes from her perfume.Rene' pain mgmt. Doc has a sign up about no fragrances in his waiting room because they are triggers for patients with allergies. The last two times at my pc doc,they had one of those misting scent things and about choked me to death,if it was there this past time I was going to complain,maybe someone else did,because it wasn't in use,thank goodness
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