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  1. Darski I would think it counted as used for points whether for crafts or crochet
  2. its always good to hear from you,Snowbear
  3. one more to add to my count wtd + 16 ytd + 82
  4. my hubby still works,its the month off in Dec. when school shuts down,or like the snow days this past Thurs. & Fri.forced 4 day weekend,ugh !!! he is an organizer and lets just say I am not,I'll look for something and he's moved it "some place better"
  5. good morning got an inch of snow,in this local its enough to shut everything down,next town over got 4 inches so that means Bill has an unplanned 4 day weekend have a great day,
  6. we went over two bridges that were treated,after two hrs its just starting to stick to the grass
  7. here too,Owlvamp,came in three hours earlier than they said it would everything was closing between 2-5
  8. good morning waiting for the snow,heard they are jacking up fuel prices already
  9. did some de -stashing this week,yarn that won't be used by us,will make someone else happy wtd + 15 ytd + 81
  10. good morning we haven't seen flake one this winter,that may change,Thursday into Friday,we could get a dusting to 6 inches way to cover their bases,thought it strange when I saw snow shovels at Harris Teeter two days ago I'm not holding out for snow,we've been teased with that before,and got zilch,nada enjoy your day
  11. good morning out the door in a few,to Va.Beach for Rene's appt.darn no libraries open today,thats our usual day after appts. have a great day
  12. good morning I agree,Mary Jo,its sounds like a fun place something for everyone have a wonderful day
  13. good afternoon 4 yrs in Hawaii,I can say the weather was really great,no humidity,but I hear its starting to get humid there now we have been away from there since 1985,costs were high then,living off base was not an option for us being a person who likes seasonal change,it was hard to get in the Christmas spirit with 80 degree temps.
  14. good morning that seems true with the weather here too,if an air show is in town we usually can expect rain have a wonderful day
  15. pineknott

    Baby whale

    that is really cool,she has such pretty eyes
  16. + 4 was from the previous week,I posted a + 5 for this week thanks for changing it
  17. good morning its sunny but chilly,going to skype in a bit to Germany have a great day
  18. good morning the winds have died down,but its very chilly headed out after lunch to bring a load of stuffed animals to the raccoon rescue have a great day
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