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  1. oh Bgs,your poor sister,no wonder you hadn't been here much,hope things go much smoother for all of you
  2. good morning,stay safe everyone Bill was okayed to work at the college,yay!!!! library is needed for those elderly that don't have access at home,with the mandate of on line classes only,he has 3 elderly he helps
  3. good morning Norfolk is going to two wk closure of some buildings rec centers libraries zoo DMV grey and rainy
  4. with March Maddness and basketball,should the letters read NCAA ??, just curious
  5. good morning neighbor is looking everywhere for hand sanitizer and coming up empty handed,told her we can make some if she really feels the need,with alcohol and aloe,I have both. well looks like hubby will be on an extended spring break till sometime in April,the community college is doing on line classes only
  6. well for one thing it soaks in the sanitizer for a least a half hour,its not on the hands that long
  7. good morning hope your sister is on the mend soon Bgs its not just kids,meaness is rampant
  8. just out of curiosity I went to walmart no hand sanitizer,low on bleach,they had lots of paper towels and toilet paper, other states say there is a run on toilet paper, a yr ago I got the walmart gallon jug of sanitizer,found it great for getting dried on paint to loosen from paint brushes,still have plenty, on the clorox wipes we always have there and a spare,made sure to get another book in case they say you can't leave your house,but don't think it will go that far
  9. good morning the store shelves at Walmart have been full of empty spaces longer than the virus has been going on,wonder if they are an Amazon wanna be? and only want you to order on line,I like to see things and feel things,Bill has no problem ordering on line,told him to knock it off,cause its causing a trend I don't care for
  10. didn't get near the yarn this week 0
  11. good morning sunny and 50's heading across town around 10
  12. good morning if Rene' was a boy she would have been Michael Patrick,even though there were already 3 or 4 of that name in the family,I was hoping she was going to be born on St. Patrick's day thats why we chose Patrick I've known Ruth's,one no so nice but another we adored her I love Scottish and Irish names,I've had a good laugh,my best friend Rene' son is named Sean,I was pronouncing it Seen, she said think Shawn and I was like, OH
  13. that reminded me Lea,when we were over the fever,out the door in the sunshine,no playing just soaking in the sunshine
  14. no much yarn work this week wtd + 2 ytd + 84
  15. good morning happy leap day out the door soon for a long distance library run,have a great day
  16. we're in the 50's but seems much colder with the howling winds no wonder hubby wore his bubble jacket to work,when the sun goes down,it will be even colder
  17. oh those egg baskets are fun,I remember making those,and they are sooooooooo sturdy
  18. Darski I would think it counted as used for points whether for crafts or crochet
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