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  1. Mary Jo

    I'd gladly share this rain with you,I'm tired of it,when its cloudy our family room is quite dark,when the sun shines its not overly bright,but at least you don't have to turn on a light to keeps from bumping into other things

    well Va. has seen an increase of 101 cases in a day,at least we haven't hit double digits  in deaths still holding at 9  spoke too soon this evening the count is 13 deaths

    keep safe everyone.

  2. Bgs

    there are three testing sites semi locally,Va Beach ( 4 positive cases) Penisula ( 2 positive cases) Don't recall the other

    but there are 11 cases between Williamsburg and James City.

    they did mention setting up drive thru testing in Walmart and Target shopping areas,these first ones are by health centers,they had to close early today,they ran out of test kits

  3. well I'll throw in my .02 or .03 cents worth here,

    the lines for the testing is drive thru,you stay in your car they come up to you,do the culture and off you go.

    of course you have to meet 2 of 4 criteria,fever of 104 or above,have difficulty  breathing,been to known areas that outbreak has occured,cough

    We stayed in for over a week,then we had to make a break for it,just out driving and going to two food stores,now I don't feel as antsy as I was getting,it might very well come to a lock down,hope not but you never know how these things morph,guess be glad you are not in the UK,if you are 70 or older you must remain in your home for 12 wks,yep thats right 3 months.

    I like ramen noodles,found them down the road in Suffolk,they had tons and also the pasta area was well stocked,in our town they have been out of both for 2 wks.

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