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  1. good morning I agree,Mary Jo,its sounds like a fun place something for everyone have a wonderful day
  2. good afternoon 4 yrs in Hawaii,I can say the weather was really great,no humidity,but I hear its starting to get humid there now we have been away from there since 1985,costs were high then,living off base was not an option for us being a person who likes seasonal change,it was hard to get in the Christmas spirit with 80 degree temps.
  3. good morning that seems true with the weather here too,if an air show is in town we usually can expect rain have a wonderful day
  4. pineknott

    Baby whale

    that is really cool,she has such pretty eyes
  5. + 4 was from the previous week,I posted a + 5 for this week thanks for changing it
  6. good morning its sunny but chilly,going to skype in a bit to Germany have a great day
  7. good morning the winds have died down,but its very chilly headed out after lunch to bring a load of stuffed animals to the raccoon rescue have a great day
  8. oh Darski,thats the cutest thing. its been hard to work with yarn with it being 74 degrees,no problem its getting back to it this weekend we are dipping back into the 30's,its a wonder we all aren't sick with the temps fluctuating so drastically for three weeks now we have been doing hats and scarves for pantry Tuesday,Rene' has made 7 hats so far today,I have 3 scarves in progress,2 that I call scrappy scarves,I try and get like colors together and maybe some varigated thrown in too,the other is black red,green, and yellow for Black history month they must like them the co-ordinator says they are gone in ten minutes time from when they were set out
  9. good afternoon,quite windy,not raining at this time the up and down temps continue 70's to 30's wish it would settle down,have a great day
  10. good morning heading across town for Rene's appt .and libraries,boo hiss next appt. is the 17th,all libraries are closed that day have a wonderful day
  11. good morning not a football follower but happy you got see another KC win,Bgs its going to be in the 60's,maybe even 70 have a great day
  12. pineknott


    very cute,I like the shorter one
  13. sweet little baby and beautiful blanket
  14. not much yarning this week,did deliver 37 nests and two scarves last week wtd + 4
  15. good afternoon, its clouded over,it sure has been a mild winter,well except for the few nights it got in the 20's. I'm more of an observer than a real chatty person,If I don't know you don't expect me to just chit chat,alot of that comes from me being in foster care as a kid,golly I hated all the hail and farewells we had to attend while he was in the service
  16. worked with alot of yarn this week between nests and my small yarn ball scarves wtd + 23 ytd + 54
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