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  1. good morning drizzly rain,sipping first coffee,going to catch up on wash,been a slug but now we all need clothes,so I must have a good day
  2. Katy we had split session in high school,you either went from 7am till 1pm or 11 to 5pm those two hrs it was really crowded at that school
  3. From the Norfolk area to beyond Charlottesville about 3 hours one way
  4. worked hard this week to get to + 10,then seen some yarn I liked -4,brings me to + 6 for the week wtd + 6 ytd + 159
  5. Mary Jo the tree hanging by the window,I have one similar that Bill brought back from one of his South America cruises you do such a nice holiday display
  6. oh I always wanted to have Walton like holidays too,we went up to Schuyler Va. where the real place is that the story was based on,and have shirts that say Walton's Mountain Va.
  7. good morning very rainy here,need to do wash and get a few shirts ironed have a good day
  8. Carole didn't they rate base housing or did they opt out of that?Wonder if they still run the flea market in Aloha stadium,that was fun for us,when we lived on Ford Island,if you see pictures of the Arizona those trees and bushes behind it is Ford Island where we called home from '81 to '85 we'd get off the ferry and walk across the street to the stadium,we always had to take a ferry or small boat off the island,then after we left they built a bridge across to the island didn't burn candles or incense
  9. good morning Christmas Carol good to see you back,sorry plans fell through,congrats on the pds. lost I don't know what I'm allergic to from thanksgiving dinner,but for two days after eating it,I've been sneezing my head off
  10. good morning don't need anything that bad,to fight the black friday crowds 36 inches in on a scarf,headed to 60 some time soon
  11. Michael's is getting greedy and over pricing their stuff their own brand of yarn started out at 1.99,to me thats a good price,its been between 3.49 and 4.00 recently,all the others AC Moore Hobby Lobby,JoAnn's are over in Va.Beach 45-60 minutes away I did find some nice Nicole brand yarn,seems nice,good for scarves when I went there last week,I've only have been to that store 2 times
  12. good morning glad you are almost done,and get to relax soon,Bgs
  13. we only go over that way every three months for an appt. the Old Va.Beach from years ago was great,it is so overbuilt up now plus 8 lanes instead of 2-4
  14. WTD - 14 YTD + 153 good thing AC Moore is so far away,I could be in negative totals alot more often,as it is,I think this only the second time I bought yarn this year
  15. the good mornings are headed up the east coast its 50 partly cloudy,we are headed to Norfolk to the re-use center,we are hoping to be done before 3 pm before the downpours start have a great day
  16. good late evening was out the door at 8:30 didn't get home till 6:30,had a great day till we locked the keys in the car and Bill had to leave school and drive to Va Beach to unlock the car, ummmmmmmm he wasn't happy then we found some yarn therapy at AC Moore,good thing that place is far from me,or I'd be in trouble
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