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  1. Good afternoon Grey skies and chilly Stay safe everyone
  2. good afternoon the only problem I had, was they changed the size of the tissue boxes and the original pattern is too big now,and that was already two yrs ago stay safe everyone
  3. good morning sunny this a.m.,storms later in the day stay safe everyone,I think part of it,is when you are told you can't do something,it makes you want to do it more I can go 2 wks without leaving the house, but I have been itching to go out lately,same thing with the car, , it could sit for days and then when its in the shop I always want to go somewhere,ah well
  4. Ummm,if your grandmother is 100,or is it she hasn't had this years birthday yet? I was going to say she was born after the epidemic,my mil would have celebrated 100 this year,she was born Dec.30 1920
  5. good morning that's a lovely piece of work,Snowbear there was frost on the roof tops this a.m. stay safe everyone
  6. Good morning ((( HUGS ))) Lea,it is a very hard time for some many folks its rainy here,laundry needs doing,stay safe out there
  7. good Monday morning rainy and high winds,y'all south of us stay safe,gee at this time we don't need tornadoes on top of everything else
  8. good morning only in the 40's,a warm up in a couple of days stay safe out there
  9. I'd gladly send you the abundance of mockingbirds,they chase all the other birds from the birdbath
  10. good morning overcast,light showers on and off all day stay safe everyone Bgs,are you able to get the supplies that you need for your sister?prayers
  11. glad to see you back in the fold,I remember you from way back
  12. Bgs I would think the plants would fall under,they got them to improve their mental health,see I have already been thinking how I was going to get my plants,I think at the 45 day mark,I'll want something to make me feel happy
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