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  1. good morning trying to finish up one more book for 2019,its got 2 hrs.left,might make it with the high of 77 yesterday,today's 50 with no sun feels done right cold,we have been getting some heavy fog these last few days,couldn't even see the house across the street when the Dr. first came in,his first question was what's going on with your A1c,?I thought for sure it went higher,but then he said it lowered quite a bit,leaving me a bit shocked
  2. yesssssssssss,I remain a boring patient,I'd like to know how my A1c dropped 6.4 to 5.9 when I learned how to make fudge this year and it was dang good,did cut back on stress eating and only eating two meals a day
  3. good morning I understand the anger when a card or pkg. goes missing,our parcel from his sister in Germany is still out there somewhere. we had one card from over there show up here a whole year later,we were shocked ,it was mom's Easter card 2018 and it came after she passed ,so his sister was beyond upset today is my 6 month appt. hope I'm as boring as I was 6 months ago be safe out there and have a wonderful day
  4. good afternoon its +60 here was shocked when I saw Los Angeles got snow,for some reason I didn't think it snowed there,in the mountains maybe,but not there
  5. nice to see you Darski,dolls or other toys for kids mean alot,when you don't have much,I was one of those kids back in the day would have loved a Shirley Temple or a Barbie for my very own,even though they were ugly/cute,in my adult years I got a few Cabbage Patch dolls, my favorite was one with jet black hair and green eyes,they make alot of blue eyed and brown eyed dolls but very few green eyed ones on the scarves,I didn't realize the navy blue looks almost black most people say when they crochet,it sometimes makes the hands ache,I'm just the opposite,when my hands cramp up,I reach for the hook and it relieves the crampiness or tightness in my fingers or hand
  6. good luck with that,since I don't have little kids around I had to search what they looked like
  7. good morning thankfully that feeling has passed Mary Jo its very foggy, here temps near 60
  8. lovely picture of you,MaryJo nice artwork on the walls,what a darling shirt
  9. good morning I don't know if its just me,it feels like a friday,but its only tuesday,seems this week is going by soooooooooooooooo slowly maybe just the dullness of our lives but there is just no spark this year,maybe something wonderful will come in the mail today and bring us some cheer,sorry to be such a downer but I feel like a weight has been lifted sharing my feelings
  10. good luck with this,this is near and dear to me because I make hats and scarves for area homeless and have for many years putting a paypal link is a little off-putting for me though
  11. good morning,out the door in a few minutes for 6 month blood work
  12. Here are the pictures of the nests ( that I realized I hadn't posted yet ) and some scarves that I did for the homeless
  13. good morning it was foggy here this a.m.,hadn't seen that in awhile,going to skype to Germany in a bit have a great day
  14. good morning must be nice to be so close for a day trip to Disney,glad to hear it was a fun day we got woes here,just found a leak outside the house,and then it took two cycles for the dryer to dry the clothes,ugh!!! going to the yarn meet up at the library,thats always fun,enjoy your day and smile
  15. sorry you are cold TampaDoll,we share your pain its 38 here overnight was in the 20's,had to drip faucets
  16. well from warm and sunny ,then the rain came,70 degrees to today's high of 32,mother nature is trying to give us all head colds
  17. good evening reached a high of 70 today,tomorrow's high 32, can't wait till it settles we picked up our participation prize book across town,at least this yr the selections were better and they let you pick instead of them just giving you any ol book,I picked a Nancy Thayer, there was also a magnetic bookmark,I prefer sticky notes for placement so gave mine to hubby,he likes that kind
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