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  1. this sounds like a wonderful idea,I see alot I can RAOK to someone else


    here is my list updated 6/13/2011-

    1-any LA pattern booklets by the Crochet Dude

    2- the red and blue colors for 2012 special olympic scarves

    3-flat metal needles

    4-pineapple doily

    5- the green cover Abs diet book

    6-Turlelovers stash busting tote- made for me,denim tones would be nice,but any would be great

    7-any red heart classic in purple and white received 1/4/10

    8-- a hat,,an earflap one would be great

    9-8" basic granny square,would like to make RAOK afghan,any color--thank you received 18 squares so far

    10-any Olympic pins you don't want anymore - received two Olympic thimbles,thanks so much

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