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  1. Lovely afghan,nice family photos,and I'm jealous of that big porch with rockers
  2. this sounds like a wonderful idea,I see alot I can RAOK to someone else here is my list updated 6/13/2011- 1-any LA pattern booklets by the Crochet Dude 2- the red and blue colors for 2012 special olympic scarves 3-flat metal needles 4-pineapple doily 5- the green cover Abs diet book 6-Turlelovers stash busting tote- made for me,denim tones would be nice,but any would be great 7-any red heart classic in purple and white received 1/4/10 8-- a hat,,an earflap one would be great 9-8" basic granny square,would like to make RAOK afghan,any color--thank you received 18 squares so far 10-any Olympic pins you don't want anymore - received two Olympic thimbles,thanks so much
  3. Hello,we were in Millington from '72 -'74,he went to State Tech( Navy program)
  4. hello and welcome from Hampton Roads Va.
  5. your afghan is so beautiful,love the colors too
  6. hello and welcome I'm also a lefty,but crochet right handed how wonderful that your grandmother passed on the art of crochet to you,they must have been very special times indeed.Linda
  7. 5 basic granny squares went out in the mail this morning.Linda
  8. Hello and welcome from Hampton Roads Va.
  9. Hello and welcome,I'm a transplanted NY'er been in Va.21 yrs.
  10. your ripple afghan is wonderful piece of work,anytime I've attempted one,it grows off to one side terribly.
  11. Welcome to crochetville,my prayer is they get it all,and he lives a happy healthy life.Linda
  12. I am sorry to hear this happened to you. my husband thinks I'm kinda neurotic for locking the car even if I go inside the house for a minute or two,we had a change dispenser for tolls stolen from our car years ago in our driveway, so now its always locked
  13. Store prices are a bit out of budget,Went to a church white elephant sale today,thinking it was yarn,I was delighted that it was wool,some from Vermont,so now I can try my hand at felting.Linda
  14. What a find,you're so lucky,our walmart's yarn at reduced price looks like its been run through an automotive oil change bin,yuck.
  15. When you say baby yarn are you referring to the weight of yarn,or baby colors,I have some 6 inch in ww in baby colors already done up.Linda
  16. Hello and welcome jr. and sr. hs yrs were spent in Centereach.Linda
  17. As a person that grew up as a foster kid,my thanks for what you do.Linda
  18. They went in the mail this morning.Linda
  19. I had a flt.in March of '05,read all about what you could and couldn't take,it said blunt end scissors were okay,until the person at the check in tried to take them, had my paper stating it was allowed,supervosor was called to okay it,sheesh,I think I will invest in one of those pendent type things soon.Linda
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