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  1. 8 done this evening,so three day total is at 20 Linda
  2. I got 3 squares done today,I need to step it up the next two days,if I hope to get 40 square done total. Linda
  3. I think its sad,after all the work someone has done and they wind up in the thrift store,I rescue ones that appeal to me,my best treasure is a fall colored ripple that was felted,thats my winter blanket for the car. Linda
  4. I'm glad you got them,I started using the delivery confirmation more and more,so I don't have to bug the people as to whether or not they got the pkgs or not. Linda
  5. I'm done for this evening,finished up 9 six inch squares. Linda
  6. vonnie,thats beautiful I have three squares done Linda
  7. hello and welcome Linda
  8. are you still in need of granny squares?still working on them or should I wait till Fall?
  9. years ago,when the yarn first started getting really scratchy,I wrote them about,they sent replacements,they sent me a postage paid envelope to send the offending yarn back to them.I guess this was just prior to their soft yarn coming out. my other beef is the yardage,seems darker shade the yardage doesn't match up,so why bother telling you how many yards it is if its not correct Linda
  10. Hello and welcome,I know what you mean,I just got back from going to the post office,and was glad I didn't have a lite weight car,the gusts were trying to move the car. Linda
  11. hello and welcome to the ville. Linda
  12. ALS stands for amyotropic lateral sclerosis,also known as Lou Gehrigs disease decline in motor function with speech swallowing and walking difficulties Linda
  13. Hello and welcome from a former Bklynite,after all these years I still miss it. Linda
  14. Good luck with the auction,hope it raises alot of money for ALS Linda
  15. I'm finished with my squares could you pm your address,thanks Linda
  16. squares went out today,they said about two or three days. Linda
  17. I only discovered to do that very same thing only about a year ago,so you're not alone. Linda
  18. the pkg is in the mail,2 or 3 days they say Linda
  19. thanks for letting me know,both loops it is Linda
  20. since I have never edged any of my squares,is that just a sc around in the back loops? Linda
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