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  1. yes Katie,lots of coloring,marking them Q plus date finished

    got the go ahead to make masks from the facility that his mom was at,their parent company wanted flannel backed masks,I asked Admin. he said beggars can't be choosers and gave me the go ahead to do two sided cotton blend,

    for some reason flannel dances around on my machine,so I prefer not to sew with it

  2. Oh Man,I used to be able to wear, what was called by his mom as junk jewelry, from the 5 and dime store.

    then I had Rene' my system changed alot,put those earrings in and what a festering mess that was,so from then on could wear only 14 or 18 k earrings, I can wear sterling silver with no problem and actually like that better than gold

    one time Sears sold us earrings,they passed off gold plate as 14k,with my swollen ears I went back and gave them heck,because I was adament that I couldn't wear the plated kind

  3. good morning

    I follow a children musical company in Norfolk,called the Hurrah  players,they have been doing a weekly spot on the performers,I think their acting classes are on Zoom,they are a great bunch

    it got up to 92 yesterday,not quite ready for that hottness with humidity

    trying to find some umph,anyone know where they sell a bottle, lol

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