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  1. Good morning,its 6:17, been up since 5 a.m. the sun is starting to rise,its a bit chilly, maybe in the 60's later in the day stay safe everyone
  2. Bgs, Thanks so much for my card and wonderful letter,I'm still behind getting one out to you,sorry 'bout that.
  3. quick fly by.its gonna storm soon,lights are blinking, by eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. good morning well from 92 one day to 59 today what a difference not much going on,stay safe y'all
  5. good morning I follow a children musical company in Norfolk,called the Hurrah players,they have been doing a weekly spot on the performers,I think their acting classes are on Zoom,they are a great bunch it got up to 92 yesterday,not quite ready for that hottness with humidity trying to find some umph,anyone know where they sell a bottle, lol
  6. I'm one that can't keep the days straight anymore,didn't really matter I was still at 0 for the week
  7. good morning don't forget me Lea,we share the same day its grey here,waiting for yrly maintainence on AC stay safe
  8. good morning sun is shining,tomorrow the skies open up with down pours I've been making my cards too still waiting for my impatiens seeds to sprout,you figure after 3 wks I would have seen something? stay safe
  9. good morning waiting for the sun to shine,but its still too wet to work in the yard,I just do cherry tomatoes,tried other things but they were a big fail stay safe out there
  10. haven't gotten near the yarn again this week ytd + 93
  11. good morning not much going on here,Brenda,how is your sister coming along,hopefully things are a bit more settled with supplies,I ask cause I remember the hassles we had to go through to get Jimmy's feeding supplies at times
  12. Good afternoon Grey skies and chilly Stay safe everyone
  13. good afternoon the only problem I had, was they changed the size of the tissue boxes and the original pattern is too big now,and that was already two yrs ago stay safe everyone
  14. good morning sunny this a.m.,storms later in the day stay safe everyone,I think part of it,is when you are told you can't do something,it makes you want to do it more I can go 2 wks without leaving the house, but I have been itching to go out lately,same thing with the car, , it could sit for days and then when its in the shop I always want to go somewhere,ah well
  15. Ummm,if your grandmother is 100,or is it she hasn't had this years birthday yet? I was going to say she was born after the epidemic,my mil would have celebrated 100 this year,she was born Dec.30 1920
  16. good morning that's a lovely piece of work,Snowbear there was frost on the roof tops this a.m. stay safe everyone
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