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  1. wonderful news on the grands, Lea

    all I could think of was a Chunky Drunk Hunk, yep doesn't take much to amuse me these days,

    had a good hardy laugh this afternoon, Bill said the president said the Chesapeake campus of TCC was closed because someone tested positive for covid19, he ( Bill ) is at the Portsmouth campus, I said how does Trump know thats going on here,does he have someone there? He said you only half heard what I said... the president of TCC said that campus was closed, Oppppppppppps

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  2. we delivered 100 masks today, 50 each to two nursing home, the place Rene' chose to give were iffy about taking them, sheez, the place I donated practically did somersaults and were jumping up and down with joy, now helping her out with her church group's Maskforce,they only took it over the beginning of June  and they have already made and donated 2,000 masks to the community, I think the Va. Beach group had made between 5,000 to  7,000,guess they needed a break

  3. 4 hours ago, USpolishgirl said:

    This is a third time you are correcting me with my writing in English. 

    So far no one been bother here by my  mistakes in English, but you. 

    I did told you before, English is my second  language.  But you seem to get a KICK out of correcting me.....over & over again... 

    Besides Polish & English I speak German & Russian.  How many languages do you speak??.


    I certainly admire anyone who speaks more than one language, my mil  spoke Hungarian German and English,

    I 've been to two foreign  countries Sicily and Japan, tried to learn the basics to get me by, did better with Italian than with Japanese,

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