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  1. good morning Happy Birthday Bgs,hope you enjoy your special day
  2. good Sunday morning sun is shining, cooler temps from 90's to moderate 70's stay safe
  3. I need my cut too, its been a couple of years, its down the middle of my back and I usually keep it at shoulder length,I keep it swept up in a knot with a clip
  4. the masks we are doing are going to two nursing homes in memory of mil and Rene's hubby
  5. good morning on and off rain, not much going on, stay safe
  6. good morning high in the 80's yesterday, today barely 60 ah spring weather going to skype soon with sil stay safe
  7. good morning sun is finally out,doing a batch of hard boiled eggs stay safe
  8. wow, that turned out teriffic
  9. good morning chance of showers, and temps finally going to warm up doing more masks today, hope to have them delivered by 5/28 stay safe
  10. Bailey4 you would not like the Kenmore its a pita to thread, and also the bobbin housing is tricky to get just right,if you mis q it dumps the bobbin out and it rolls across the floor
  11. good morning its windy and chilly here, barely 60 yesterday was productive,we're at mask 18/50, each day gets easier, the first day it took about 4 hrs to do 3, yesterday was day 3 or 4 , the # increased to 12, a day yay stay safe
  12. there are many helpful ladies here at Crochetville, welcome glad you dropped by
  13. good morning prayers for your dad have put yarn on pause,doing alot of coloring in adult coloring books, to keep track I put Q, month and year Rene' and I are trying our hand at making masks,its a real horse and pony show at times,since both machines are vintage,hers an old elna,and mine a 49 yr old kenmore,Bill is our troubleshooter and I think he has learned more than he ever wanted to about sewing machines, when he is not doing that, we have him cutting out the fabric,he is a whiz with the rotary cutter, we needed to find something for him, he's been home from the college since the 3rd week in March,I thought one month off at Christmas break was long !!!
  14. hello and welcome I've visited with hubbies relative that live in the North York area,he also has cousins in Mississauga,and Cambridge
  15. good morning cloudy 60,watching GMA, having second coffee stay safe
  16. pineknott

    Ear Savers

    wow, quite a few done
  17. good morning I guess everyone is near their breaking point,I thought it was totally stupid for our governor to say gyms were open, for outside activity only, the only outside activity at ours is the pool and they don't open that until Memorial day and then on top of this here comes hurricane season,things will get easier soon.
  18. good morning I agree she was a scary looking lady when she was made up, Mary Jo we will be affected by that tropical system with rain M- Th, hopefully by friday we'll see some sun stay safe everyone
  19. also didn't help when I did try and wear it,Bill called me the painted lady and I didn't spackle it on either
  20. good afternoon early on I found I was allergic to make-up,some ingredient made my face itch,so just chucked it about 50 yrs ago,think of all the money I saved
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