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  1. good afternoon just strolling by,we could use a good light rain, not 3 inches in a 2 hr time frame like last week stay safe
  2. good morning the dust cloud was to be here Sunday, don't recall any difficulties, I think it passed this area to the north and I'm okay with that, I'm having enough trouble breathing with this heavy high humidity stay safe
  3. Oh lea thanks for the chuckle about the masked hookers Rene' found a plarn bag at the thrift store in the late 90's, that thing bit the dust about two yrs ago,I try to save bags to make plarn, but someone scoops them up here and brings them to recycle at Food Lion, I was only able to lay claim to their blue ones, they are saved for me.
  4. good morning another 3 H 's here plus the Sharan dust cloud not much going on, just plugging along stay safe
  5. good morning that llama is so cute, thanks for sharing that,USpolishgirl its extreme heat here today, stay safe
  6. wonderful news on the grands, Lea all I could think of was a Chunky Drunk Hunk, yep doesn't take much to amuse me these days, had a good hardy laugh this afternoon, Bill said the president said the Chesapeake campus of TCC was closed because someone tested positive for covid19, he ( Bill ) is at the Portsmouth campus, I said how does Trump know thats going on here,does he have someone there? He said you only half heard what I said... the president of TCC said that campus was closed, Oppppppppppps
  7. good morning so tired of rain, it needs to go to another state, the lightning was right over our area for a long time, but no power glitches, thank goodness stay safe
  8. good morning yesterday across the tv screen I noticed flash flood warnings, well yep I guess that happens when you get 3 inches in a short amount of time stay safe
  9. good Saturday morning its a rainy day,,working on second coffee,happy first day of summer stay safe
  10. good morning we have the 3 H's today,stay safe everyone
  11. good afternoon, just checking in, mailed some masks to folks in NY, shhhhhhhhhhhh they don't know it, its gonna be a surprise our weather has been up and down, night time sleeping has gone from just a sheet to a couple of nights with two blankets take care stay safe
  12. good afternoon, dreary day,working on the last 20 masks, till the church gets more fabric, our count is 187
  13. we delivered 100 masks today, 50 each to two nursing home, the place Rene' chose to give were iffy about taking them, sheez, the place I donated practically did somersaults and were jumping up and down with joy, now helping her out with her church group's Maskforce,they only took it over the beginning of June and they have already made and donated 2,000 masks to the community, I think the Va. Beach group had made between 5,000 to 7,000,guess they needed a break
  14. I certainly admire anyone who speaks more than one language, my mil spoke Hungarian German and English, I 've been to two foreign countries Sicily and Japan, tried to learn the basics to get me by, did better with Italian than with Japanese,
  15. good afternoon lazy day here, washing and ironing fabric for more mask making stay safe
  16. good afternoon hot but bearable,starting to cloud over stay safe
  17. good morning Happy Birthday Bgs,hope you enjoy your special day
  18. good Sunday morning sun is shining, cooler temps from 90's to moderate 70's stay safe
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