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    51 yrs mostly home due to heart failure so lots of hobbies to pass my time
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    cardmaking , crossstitch , handquilting , crochet , collage ,
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    home items
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    few years
  1. you could crochet a small makeup bag
  2. yes I also like getting the packages in the mail enjoy your yarns
  3. I was thinking for those of us waiting for yarn to be delivered by mail , what did you get today ? Myself today I got my small online order from Herrschners some pink Bernat Satin and some Lily crochet cotton in painted dessert , lovely yarn. Also a crochet hooks set in American sizes in lovely colours.
  4. only found some shops in Berlin which is way too far , so if anyone lives in Germany and knows of crochet and or yarn shops any info is welcome
  5. anyone know of yarn shops in the Eifel area in Germany ? any german online yarn shops that deliver to Europe ?
  6. the site freevintagecrochet.com use the search box google search snowflakes all the yarn websites like Bernat / SugarnCream / Red Heart / PatonsYarns etc etc have free patterns for snowflakes , you register as a member of their site and then you can copy and /or save patterns online at the site search crochet blogs / crochet magazines online
  7. hello welcome to the forum there is a video of the shell stitch on youtube by Crochet Geek you can find more crochet stitches on that site
  8. great I love seeing big stashes I am also always looking at the stashes thread on the Ravelry site
  9. just an idea try posting your request on the crochet section over on craftster org
  10. I learned crochet and things like knitting handsewing embroidery crossstitch etc from a schoolteacher when I was 8 , she only had classes for girls she lived a few streets away from my home, back in the sixties when this was still part of school lessons , today this is not taught anymore in schools.
  11. happy new year to you and lovely afghan
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