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    Web Designer
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    35 years? Off and on...
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  1. RickyRebel

    Hello Fellow Crocheters

    Welcome...I'm still new here, too.....but lots of knowledge here....
  2. RickyRebel

    Silhouette Wolf Moon Afghan.

    That looks great.....that's something that would work great for my sister-in-law....
  3. RickyRebel

    I'm so happy I found this place!

    Hi and welcome from Renton, Washington.
  4. RickyRebel

    Hi, new from Southern California

    Welcome to Crochetteville.... I just love how many of us learned to crochet from our grandmothers... My grandma also taught me. She taught my brother and four sisters, too....but I'm the only one still doing it 30 some years later...
  5. RickyRebel

    And yet another newbie!

    Welcome to Crochetville....I'm still new here, too, but I LOVE it here....
  6. RickyRebel

    Newbie hooker says hello!

    Welcome to Crochetville...
  7. RickyRebel

    Hello from Northern Virginia ;)

    Welcome, from Renton, Washington....
  8. RickyRebel

    hi I am new

    Welcome! I've been a part of different forums for years, and the best way to learn them is to get into them and start using them... Good luck and enjoy.
  9. RickyRebel


    Welcome....I'm still new here, too. But I love it here... Between my favorite golden retriever forum and here, I'm never bored while breaking from work....
  10. RickyRebel

    Hello from NE Texas

    Welcome to Crochetville....I agree....it's tough to keep up with the new posts...this place is the busiest forum I've ever been on, but I want to keep learning...I'm still stuck at the basics...
  11. RickyRebel

    Hi from PDX (Portland Oregon USA)

    Welcome to Crochetville, pdxWoman. I grew up in Vancouver, WA, so I know (or knew....it's been 20 some years) your area pretty well....
  12. RickyRebel

    Just found this site

    Welcome to Crochetville....I'm still pretty new here, too... But it sure seems like a great bunch to be around... Rick
  13. RickyRebel

    How do you store your patterns?

    I've got a big, thick 3 ring binder, full of sheet protectors. I still have a ton of patterns from before all my stuff got stored away for 6 years.
  14. RickyRebel

    HI,New here

    Welcome aboard, from another newbie.... Rick
  15. RickyRebel

    Hello from Ga

    For me, it's just a matter of having the hook turned right while pulling through. I just completed an afghan and two matching pillows for my mom for Mother's Day, and did them completely with doubles. It's my favorite stitch, because it goes so much faster. As soon as I get access to a camera, I'll post pictures of it... My mom doesn't even know I'm crocheting again, so she'll be surprised...