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    Squares, Shrugs, Baby things...I'm one of those instant gratification people.
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    Not long enough
  1. You ask how old I am...well, let's put it this way...It depends who's asking...I have a few replies..."Older than the hills." or "Older than dirt." then there is the polite reply..."It's not proper to ask a lady how old she is." These usually work but then I'll top it off with my correct age and say "Proud of it !" Since this is just between us "old hookers" I'll let you know that I am 71 and have lived longer than any of my female relatives...Ain't that somethin' to crow about???
  2. Hi Trina...Your second site wouldn't go through, but the first one was adorable...Looks like one could almost turn it into a floppy brim hat if the circumference was made big/small enough to fit one's head...
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