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    I'm a 29 year old stay at home wife. I enjoy spending time with massive amounts of yarn, my four legged babies and my husband. We are hoping to grow our family by the end of the 2012.
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    Crochet, Knitting, Cooking, Cleaning (yes I find this theraputic, LOL), builing models
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    June 2011
  1. MrsForest

    LYS or Craft Store?

    I buy from a craft store. The closest LYS is over 30 minutes away. With just my husband working there is no way I can afford gas to drive there and be able to spend money. Maybe there should be more LYS stores?
  2. MrsForest

    Some hat and booty sets

    Those are super cute!
  3. MrsForest

    Just completed my first project ever! Scarf!

    You did a great job. I wish my first scarf looked like this.
  4. MrsForest

    New to crochet from Albuquerque!

    Hi! I used to live in ABQ I sure do miss looking at Sandia Peak covered in snow and going up the Tram. oh my I miss the candy lady to. Lol I'm now in OK but am planning a trip to McIntosh then onto ABQ.
  5. MrsForest

    Hugs for soldiers

    Is a non-profit origination that accepts knitted/crocheted blankets for troops currently deployed. I am trying to get intouch with other groups to see if they will take these items as well. I also asked Jubilee House (a house for female veterans transitioning into civilian life) if they take knitted/crocheted items.
  6. MrsForest

    Crochet for fundraiser

    How do I find out which patterns I can use to make for a church fundraiser. With the holidays coming around our church is running low on funds and this is one of their major fundraisers. I have found many from Ravelry that I know people would love but don't want to do anything wrong.
  7. MrsForest

    Washcloths for Soldiers

    This is awesome! I will probably join but in a different way. My husbands unit deployed recently again and many would love this! Maybe I'll make some for this and some for his buddies. I know last month Ft Bliss lost 11 soldiers so these are very much needed for our men/women it's a small comfort that helps them through the rough times.
  8. MrsForest

    Disappeared for awhile.

    Some of y'all may remember me some may not. I had to take a break. Things just seemed to adding up, my heart problems, my sisters murder, counseling (for anger issues related to her murder), my husband going from active duty Army to National Guard. It really seemed like things were for the most part terrible. I tried to keep crocheting but totally lost interest, faith and me along the way. Now things are better for now and I'm starting to gain interest again. So I'm back. Right now I'm starting on some stuff for a church function to raise money.
  9. Same here! I will get so mad at my husband for clutter than I'll look at mine. Lol
  10. MrsForest

    Purple floral doily

    I'm totally in love with this!
  11. MrsForest

    Casting off?

    Figured it out. I cheated and used a crochet hook. Lol
  12. MrsForest

    Casting off?

    I am at the end and totally stuck! I messed up and not even sure if I frogged back properly. Does anyone have a good link for tutorials?
  13. MrsForest

    Heirloom Stitches Throw CAL

    I really like how this has turned out!
  14. MrsForest

    8-Point Granny Star Baby Blanket

    Love it!
  15. MrsForest

    Am I A Freak!

    I have never tried holding the yarn in the same hand that I crochet in. I do think I crochet pretty fast though lol. I think it was all how we were taught. I do knitting the same way....maybe I'm the freak?