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    I've recently fallen back in LOVE with crochet. It's become quite hard to tear me away. And I like it that way!
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  1. What do you need help with? I've used it before for a book blog, and definitely loved it once I got the hang of how things worked!
  2. Mine would be anything pet related Clothes, hats, dresses, etc. I'm a sucker for a chihuahua in a dress!
  3. Hey all! Just wanted to drop a link here to my blog Cobo's Closet. I design patterns for crochet pet clothes mainly, but also plan to include other crafty type things http://coboscloset.blogspot.com
  4. I'm in Overland Park! I'd love to meet up with other KCers!
  5. Agreed with the above poster that this looks like it is probably filet crochet. There are tons of helpful free youtube and blog tutorials that you can check out to get a feel for working with filet, and then you might have better luck trying to replicate it
  6. LOL. Oh this made me laugh! We find our little chihuahua sometimes humping our blankets too... I have trouble making them crochet blankets they like, because in the early days I would make the stitches really loose and their little fingernails got caught in them.... now they look at crochet blankets like little chihuahua traps XD
  7. Aw this is super cute! So classy looking Thanks for posting!
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