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  1. Does anyone know why Shawl in a Ball/Cake uses a J hook, when the yarn is so thin?
  2. Is there a way to make sure the tension is consistent? Checking frequently during the project?
  3. I've crocheted blankets in chevron/ripple pattern. The blanket has 12 "peaks". When I finished, I noticed that the ends didn't match. The end I finished on was wider than when I started. The stitch count is the same, and there are 12 "peaks" throughout. I thought I kept the same tension throughout, but in the end, the two ends didn't meet. One end was longer than the other. Any ideas?
  4. I'm having a little trouble crocheting a flexible disc. After 1 or 2 rounds the circle starts to curl. Is it better to use a larger or smaller hook? Tight or loose stitches. I'm not sure which way to go on this. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. jiminic2

    Dc 3tog

    I've learned how to do the 3TOG DC on the ripple blanket I'm making. However, after I do the 3tog twice, there is a long stitch resulting that becomes a hole in the next row. Is there a way I can avoid those holes? It seems that to go from the 3tog stitch to the next regular stitch there is a long space that becomes a hole in that section. Thanks.
  6. I wanted to crochet beanies for charity, but this one charity said that they preferred knitted beanies because they're warmer than crocheted beanies. How can I crochet a beanie that doesn't show or have holes or spaces between stitches? (My double crochet beanie is too "holey". Thanks.
  7. By join in your first paragraph, do you mean slip stitch in the old color then continue in the new color? Thanks.
  8. I'm pretty new to crocheting, and have made a beanie that I want to put a white trim around. However, since it's going around in a spiral, it looks like I missed a row at the beginning and the end. How can I avoid this? Here's a picture: Thanks.
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