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  1. i don't think it's ugly at all looks pretty cool to me.
  2. hello and welcome. there are lots of great sites here and also as some have already mentioned youtube alot of people go there.
  3. hello Danube, welcome to the village.
  4. hello and welcome to the village.
  5. Hello, I'm from southern california always wanted to visit Ireland looks to be a really nice place from what my Irish and Scotish friends tell me.
  6. hi and thank you for the welcome hop to chat with you soon.
  7. just wanted to say thank you for the welcome and nice to meet womeone from the Grat Lakes state.
  8. Hello, just wanted to say thank you for the welcome and neice to meet you.
  9. Just wanted to say thank you for the welcome and it's nice to meet ya!
  10. i would just like to say that it is good to be back in the village and to all the newbies. i had trouble remembering my password:think and finally had to get a new one again:lol.
  11. countingsts

    Jayne Hat

    like the colors and it's cute:)
  12. :flowerwelcome and a really big hello to you
  13. I think most of us do:rofl:rofl:welcome and .
  14. hello and welcome from California.
  15. welcome. If you'd like to see who is colse to where you are, click onto the site coffee shop then seeking local crocheters. ypu'll be surprised.
  16. welcome to the ville, I like your work. I'ts cute.
  17. welcome back. glad all iw well.
  18. :welcome to the ville. this is a gr8 place and you'll be pro in no time.
  19. Facets are stones in a ring that always fit. Welcome to the ville.
  20. welcome to the ville hope you stay.
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