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    Crochet of course!
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    Department Head at a Medical Center
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    quick afghans!
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    2005 self taught, but my grandmother taught me to chain when I was about 4.
  1. I found this on You Tube...this is how I do it. Many people have different preferences though.
  2. Shellybrook


    I haven't tried it myself, but my Sister's Step Mother in Law, (who inspired me to try felting) sometimes mixes acrylic with her felted bags. She told me she does it to help minimize the shrinkage. She didn't note if there was a "popping" effect. She's a knitter, so the popping effect could be limited to crochet projects.
  3. I wish I could help you, but from what I could tell everything looked ok to me. I have to say, I am an RR addict, but I have only used aggie mae's pattern. I even did a spiderghan...using the spider concept and aggies pattern. Aggie May might be able to shed some light on your problem, she's the RR queen, and always more than happy to help a member. good luck!
  4. Enbelieveable! 3 weeks!!! Thats like 3 non-stop weeks! Kudos to you! I should probably get on something like that NOW for next Christmas...LOL...I'd STILL be an hour late! xo
  5. Wow! I've never done a homespun with anything less than an N hook. I think I'll try it with a K, and see how it goes. I really don't know how I feel about mixing it with a WW....then again...Homespuns not as heavy as ww. decisions decisions....
  6. Sorry, I should clarify...I plan to use the homespun for the first time on a RR. I have actually used homespun before, and don't mind it at all with the right sized hook. So I guess my question is really only relative to the Round Ripple.
  7. I have been successfully using Aggie Mays pattern for my round ripples....I just bought some "home spun", and plan to use it for the first time...any suggestions on variations from the "norm" when using homespun? thx;)
  8. I just finished up one for my nephew. I left about the last 4 rows of the pattern off. Probably because I was BORED out of my mind by that point. But it surely was big enough for him, and I decided to end when I felt the colors were balanced enough to say the primary color isn't red. Its all a matter of personal preference I believe.
  9. Oh man, I'm in trouble, I'm making something similar for my BIL. i didn't think it was girlie.
  10. I had to really evaluate myself on this one. I usualy have one or 2 main projects going...but when I sat and thought about it, there are several WIPS in the closet that I haven't seen in a good year. 2 or three in my bombay wicker chest, and two or three in my current basket (you know the ones I'm about to pick up and work on for the evening) I think I have lost track:think. thing is, If I have something I really need to complete, I can sit down and get on it! I have issues!
  11. VERY nice! I'm making one myself, and didn't think to make a primary color. I went scrapghan all the way and just grab a scrap and run with it until I run out, and just grab another scrap. I call it my uglyghan, but I think in the end...I really love it. The best part is that It put together colors that I never would have thought to put together....and will definitely work them together in the future...on purpose. Nice job!
  12. Very nice! Thank you for sharing your method. I've been having such a hard time with towel toppers. I love the way they look, but can't seem to get that starting line quite right. It seems if you don't get that just perfect the rest of the project doesn't quite look as good as it should. Thanks again!
  13. :cheerMid-Hudson Valley here! BTW, my new secretary crochets too...and we are in the process of teaching another member of our department! YAY!!!
  14. LOL! I have this dilemma...I'm supposed to craft something for christmas...and I have 3 wips...out of the 9 projects I should have done over the year. I think I have to finish my wips and move on to a more expedicious craft this year. SIGH! I'm delerious...and you notice, if my fingers are sitting here typing,,,they are certianly not crocheting.
  15. Oh yes...my 65lb bulldog believes there is nothing cozier than an in progress afghan. He grunts every time I turn, but hey...I didn't tell him to lay there.
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