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  1. That is amazing!!!! my current youngest loves clifford, i cant tell you how many times i have seen his movie and we are painting him on his wall. did you get the graph from a book?? Who ever gets it is very very lucky!!!
  2. that is so sweet, im thinking in hubbys footie team colours! love it!
  3. I love this, the handles look great with it!!
  4. When designing do you use the various charts for sizing - are these accurate, Im worried it wont give a true to life guage of the fit on a real woman. how do I know which charts are better? How do you do yours
  5. Thanks all, its the paying I cant do from OS - no paypal or CC! Ill check out thsoe free ones though
  6. possibly for free as I cant order form OS ( im in Australia) I have done a search through CPC so Im hoping someone has some that are different - hope you can help!
  7. I was cleaning and I noticed the mailman go by and he put a package in with what looked like the USA green customs sticker on it, I I got excited then I thought hang on Im not expecting anything its prob the wrong mailbox, and then i went down and it was for me!!!!!!! I was so excited that my toddler was laughing at me, and I opened it and it was 2 pairs of socks with fortune cookies on it - I love socks - and these were perfect, its getting cold here and i wasjust thinking of putting on a pair of my hubbys boring black hardly worn ugly work socks!!! and Now I have these instead!! Thank you fairy godmother so very very very much!!!!
  8. the foot measurement thing is true. from elbow to wrist = foot length
  9. is that the one for duct tape? Craftser isnt working for me atm, ill try again later - Ive also seen it dont in some sort of paper tape. Ive seen some done like that then she covered it in a jersy tube and fitted it to the body - looked professional - she added a old chair bottom to the botom so she could wheel it around - it was on a blog somewhere, Ill have a look after to see if I can find it.
  10. Thats just what I need - did you line it as well?
  11. it does help, thank you , I hate that they cant get thier televison act on over here.
  12. whos chris and who is lane having twins too? the furtherest I ve seen is here and there shows where paris is having an affair with a professer - any one wanna give me a quick up date?
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